Crude Oil Exploration

Crude oil exploration involves the geological and technical study of detecting crude oil in the earth. Crude oil, also known as petroleum, is a flammable, naturally occurring liquid found in geological formations at variable depths in the earth's crust. The presence of oil is usually identified by visible features such as gas or oil seepages and crater formations due to gas leakage. Typically, oil is found trapped within layers of porous sandstone, which lies in the bed of non-porous sediments. Natural gas is found just above the oil surface and must be extracted before the oil can be extracted.

Once the presence of oil is detected, sophisticated technology is employed to determine the quantity and depth of the oil reservoir. The branch of science that deals with the study of crude oil exploration is called exploration geophysics. The possible location of oil exploration is subjected to various geology surveys such as magnetic survey, seismic reflection survey and gravity survey. At a higher stage, elaborate seismic surveys are conducted to measure the time taken by sound waves to travel through matter. This data is then inputted into an oil exploration software program and processed. The information contained in the reports produced by the software will help the oil company determine if the oil reservoir would be viable, the projected output of the reservoir, and its estimated lifespan.

Oil exploration offshore poses a special set of problems. Any visible craters that would indicate escaping gas would be under water. This is when the use of seismic reflection and other computerized methods of locating the presence of oil prove to be the most useful. Offshore oil exploration is also subject to additional government regulations that must be acknowledged. Also, the weather and conditions are more extreme and large facilities are required.

If the presence of oil is confirmed and the reports state that the reservoir is a viable one, the site is transferred to an oil exploration company. Oil extraction requires the deployment of heavy machines and the drilling of oil wells and the cost is astronomical. Oil exploration is mainly undertaken by large corporations or governments.

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Timothy George said:

I would like to work on an oil rig, am a Canadian citizen but know no one in canada and would like to find the job from spain

Brandon Johnston said:

I was curious what sort of tickets i need i am really interested in working the oil rigs.

Sheldon Noel said:

I am a young(29yrs), physically fit man willing to work in the oil industry (roughneck). Willing to relocate to Canada or anywhere in the world. What do i need to initiate my dreams?

roger said:

Im very interested in working in the oil fields. Im 31 and very fit and a hard worker. Please advise

Shawn douglas hadley said:

19 yrs old Fit/ hard worker. i am intrested but i just dont know where to start.

brady leptich said:

if you guys are really serious about a job dont be looking on here if you want a job in canada or north america, go to caodc website or fax resumes to anywhere by estevan or weyburn saskatchewan, we are leading the oilfield around here and dont have enough ppl to fill jobs

jon said:

how much are you guys paying per hour ?

brianna phelan said:

BRADY LEPTICH! i need your fricken number! :( ive been trying to get a hold of you.

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