Executive Construction Jobs

If you are considering a career as a construction executive the job descriptions usually ask for specific sets of skills and disciplines within the construction field as well as a minimum of a bachelor's degree in one of the construction occupations.

Drawbacks to a career in the construction executive field include long hours, high stress, frequent travelling and often a good deal of physical activity as you move from job site to job site. The benefits include not only a high salary with often many perks included but also the satisfaction of seeing the completed projects from the birth of an idea to the finished project.

Some of the degree programs that would be useful in helping to become an executive would be Civil Engineering, architecture, construction and project management, construction managers and construction top executives. We will look a little at each to give an idea of what they offer for a career.

Civil engineering is mostly responsible for the management, design and maintenance of infrastructure projects. They are important not only in the overall design and stability of the project but also in insuring staff adhere to specs and codes of each project assigned.

Architects are employed to from conception of an idea to its completion design and make sure of function ability, safety and value of projects they are assigned. Cost analysis, blueprints and site selection are just a few of the fields they will need to be proficient in.

Construction Superintendents who are often also referred to as project managers are necessary to oversee onsite that all construction and infrastructure responsibilities are being carried out in a satisfactory and timely manner. They look after employee and project schedules, quality control, safety issues and general supervision of employees.

Construction Managers look after the overall management of usually several large building sites. Overseeing the operations workings such as budgets, site staffs etc they need to work closely with each project's construction superintendent.

Construction Top Executives usually work for large multi-national corporations or may even own the company but they manage operations, control revenue flow, do the purchasing and marketing of the organizations infrastructure and often have the final say on decision making in regards to all projects the company is involved with.

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