Fema Construction Jobs

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of the US Homeland Security was on April 1, 1979 by Presidential Order created to coordinate response to disasters in the United States that overwhelm normal local and state authorities.

FEMA is responsible for providing experts in specialized areas of reconstruction of disasters as well as funding for rebuilding efforts. They manage relief funding for infrastructure and work with Small Business Administration. When such national disasters as Hurricane Katrina destroy not just buildings and homes FEMA is there and hire the tradesmen and construction employees to rebuild.

More recently the flooding in Iowa will require many different types of specialists in their disaster support which they now are calling Iowa's Katrina. Anticipating a demand for disaster support under the Stafford Act in support of FEMA, Real Street Staffing will be recruiting qualified, experienced employees to support post disaster recovery work. Positions such as construction managers, engineers, architects, planners, Insurance adjusters, cost estimator and building code specialists are just a few of the trades that will be required.

Pay scales for FEMA positions vary depending on the type of position from $15.00 to $65.00 and hour and the positions often include such perks as GSA per diem, hotel, car and flights. Full expenses are normally covered that may include flights to and from site, lodging and per diems on the GSA schedule. Often health plans, LTD, dental and vision plans are available with most of these positions. RealStreet believes in team building and if hired you would be expected to support and become "Part of the Team" and be ready to go at short notice if called upon.

Although these positions are often very rewarding they also include such drawbacks as working long hard hours 7 days a week. Working conditions are often very crude post disaster type environments with no power, telephones, hotels or modern conveniences. Stress levels are often high but most people who have done these positions in past say it is worth it to help people get their lives back in order.

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