Gas Engineering Jobs

Gas engineers, or engineers in oil are also called petroleum engineers. Their work is pretty much the same as field mangers however, gas or petroleum engineers get to do a lot of traveling. These engineers must examine the potential drilling sites. They are responsible for estimating the amount of fossil fuel (in this case gas, but coal and oil are also fossil fuels), at the site, the depth of the fuel deposits, the quality of these deposits and how much can be recovered for use.

When the gas or oil is considered recoverable the petroleum engineers will oversee all the operations of the drilling crew. This includes supervising the construction of the stations, rigs, and any other operations going on at the site. The petroleum engineers must decide upon the safest as well as the most efficient way to extract the natural gas. Or the petroleum engineer could be working on an oil field; in that case it would be crude oil instead of natural gas. Once the fossil fuels are extracted from the ground, the petroleum engineers are then responsible for dismantling all the rigs, the drills, and other equipment.

People wanting to enter this field must be prepared to travel. Depending on the job, they could travel to different sites within their own country or they could travel to foreign countries such as in the Persian Gulf.

The gas engineers or petroleum engineers' job is very stressful and they work mostly in the field though they do have some office administrative duties to perform as well. They are responsible for report analysis and making recommendations to other administrations.

The job of the gas engineer and oil engineer is becoming more difficult as time goes by as most easy well known sites have been utilized and now the drilling must go on in harder to access places. The petroleum engineer must adapt to unpredictable situations.

Education for petroleum engineers is of the utmost importance. The petroleum engineer must have at least a bachelor's degree in earth sciences. Many employers are now asking for a master's degree and higher to assume the responsibilities that go along with the job. This career requires extensive mathematical skills, chemistry and of course an interest in physical sciences. There is a degree specific to petroleum engineering, but only a choice few universities offer it such as Texas Tech University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Colorado School of Mines program. The average starting salary for petroleum engineers is around $40,000 and go upwards of $100,000 with several (over 10 years) of experience.

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