Hurricane Katrina Construction Jobs

There are many construction job opportunities in Louisiana due to the devastating storms that have struck the area in the past decade. The most costly of the storms was Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Hurricane Katrina caused wide spread destruction in the states of Alabama, Missouri and Texas, but the state which suffered the most damage was Louisiana. Property damage was estimated at $100 billion, however the total economic impact due to job losses and lowered tax revenues is $150 billion.

Not only homes and buildings were destroyed by the hurricane, there was also enormous damage done to the infrastructure like roads, railroads and sewer systems. The federal government pledged $105 million for reconstruction efforts and more is expected.

Because of these facts, there are many jobs available in the construction industry in Louisiana. Currently, some of the jobs available in management and administrative capacities are: construction manager, construction superintendent, electrical engineer, structural engineer and scheduler.

There are many jobs available for skilled craftsmen and construction workers in Louisiana. Areas in which these jobs are available include: carpentry, welding, plumbing, roofing, concrete, and electrical wiring, and many more.

Another reason why there are many jobs available in Louisiana is that federal money from the American Recovery and Re-investment Act (ARRA) for infrastructure like highways, railroads and mass transit systems has been allocated. Over $25 million in government funds has been disbursed. Jobs that are available because of construction projects in these areas include: heavy equipment operations, concrete and asphalt, surveyor, traffic control flagging, and engineering.

One of the most devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina was on the oil industry in Louisiana. Many offshore oil rigs were damaged. There are jobs available in areas within the oil industry which involve construction; some of these include: maintenance superintendent, rig electrician, pipeline welder, mechanical engineer, and dive superintendent. Those who work on offshore oil rigs are better paid than their onshore counter parts, because they must live and work on the rig.

There are also jobs in the oil industry for construction workers in Louisiana oil refineries. Jobs now available are: machinist, pipefitter, welder, electrician, and maintenance expert.

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I will attempt to bookmark your web diary and may return at some point or another in the not so distant future.

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