Industrial Construction Jobs

Some say construction industry jobs are on a steady decline but those in the know insist that new jobs in the commercial and industrial field are popping up almost every day. Skilled industrial construction workers and much in demand.

Even as a slowdown in residential and commercial projects is slowing down the construction industry in the United State, industrial construction jobs is growing on a worldwide basis. Countries like Dubai are creating a huge market and the demand for industrially qualified construction trades.

Industrial Construction Estimators, Mechanical Construction engineers and inspectors, project leaders, environmental coordinators, EHS and construction safety workers and construction managers are just a few of the careers opening up on the international job markets. Some trades also require an apprenticeship term or journey man status and of course salaries are adjusted according to not only qualifications but actual job experience.

New industrial construction opportunities are also opening up with advancing technologies, for example construction jobs in the solar industry are growing drastically. The rapid growth coinciding with more consumer consciousness as well as government sponsored tax incentives. Other parts of the solar industry that are sharing this growth are installations of solar water heaters, photo voltaic solar collection systems, heat pumps and even wind turbine installation and maintenance. Huge wind turbine fields are cropping up more and more around the world and creating hundreds of industrial jobs.

So although some aspects of the industrial construction fields has been affected by serious economic troubles there are still commercial and industrial projects and government jobs that will require such specialized trades people such as millwrights, pipefitters, welders, electricians and instrument technicians not to mention a whole area of new specialized trades.

In the industrial construction job market there are still lost of employment opportunities but when you are job hunting do not forget the international markets. The internet is a vast tool to help you not only seek employment but get a good pulse on the heartbeat of how the industry and your particular trade may be best used. There are also many recruiters who list and actively seek employees for companies both local and abroad.

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