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The search for a really rewarding job can be troublesome. That's because almost all the positions are taken and finding a vacancy might be a long shot. What you need to be looking for is an industry where the jobs will be guaranteed, an industry that is ever growing. One that comes to mind is that which has to do with oil. Oil is among the necessities in today's world. Without it there would be no automobiles running, may be perhaps the solar powered ones but that is a bit farfetched. With these needs for oil, there is always an opportunity for employment for people who can help avail it.

Oil rig jobs are centered offshore in oil rigs. These are the establishments that are made out in the open waters. Workers live in them for certain durations each month as they oversee and facilitate the process of retrieving oil from Mother Nature, deep below the water surface. Of course this for some people can be termed unacceptable, but that just comes with this line of work. If you could settle into living in an oil rig for just 14 days each month, you could find an oil rig job is a very lucrative one, especially when you look at the fact that an entry level position could make you over $4000 your first month.

The positions vary, and whatever your expertise is, engineering or geology, you always start from below. With time you make your way up the food chain, until you get to making $7000 a month, which is more than satisfactory for most people given the fact that you only work for 2 weeks and take the rest off. If you have a diploma, or better yet, a degree in engineering (in any of the needed areas of expertise like mechanical), medicine, geophysics, then you are welcome to try your luck with the oil rig jobs.

It's often advised that when you are starting, you should try working an oil job on land before you venture the waters. With a little experience, you should settle in pretty comfortably when you get to the oil rigs. The range of jobs includes, besides the aforementioned ones, control room personnel, drill crews, caterers including the chef, tool pushers and others. Not all the positions need a degree others only need a little apprenticeship, especially the lower positions. But for the higher ones, you do need a degree to you up.

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