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The maintenance foreman is basically responsible for all maintenance personnel. There are maintenance foremen working in all aspects of industry today. A maintenance foreman works as the leader of a team. This job can be very essential to whatever field the job is in. Any potential candidates should be prepared to actively work a preventative and ongoing maintenance program. Also, maintain and repair all equipment; maintain supplies; work with vendors, suppliers and contractors; install new equipment; requisitions required supplies; approves requisitions for replacement parts; supports and participates in the ongoing running of the facility; and ensures the work environment is safe. In the oil industry maintenance foreman jobs can be found in all facets of the industry. Maintenance foremen can be found on oil rigs (both onshore and offshore) - on an oil rig the job is charge of the maintenance roustabouts. A maintenance roustabout is basically an entry level worker that does the following: assembles and repairs equipment; moves equipment; paints; connects pipes for the oil well; rigs and slings jobs being moved; and performs other designated tasks. On the pipeline there is also are also maintenance foreman positions. Also, the in the mining field workers are needed for maintenance and so are maintenance foremen. The requirements to become maintenance foreman are: strong leadership ability; excellent communications skills; the ability to handle a physically challenging job and a degree in mechanics. The average salary for a maintenance foreman is approximately $65,000 per year. In performing any maintenance job the tasks can be numerous but the rewards great. An oil industry facility whether it be a rig or a pipeline or a mine has to operate at full speed 24 hours a day. The maintenance foreman's job is to ensure the proper operation of the oil facility. The ability to multitask in a leadership position assures a job well done. The maintenance foreman performs a variety of important functions that are important to the success of the oil industry facility; this coupled with a candidate with a mechanics degree, and a knack for hands on work would enjoy job as a maintenance foreman.

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In every field, the necessity of maintenance work is enormous. Maintenance works should be done from time to time to ensure that longevity of the tools, building or machines used in industry. The task of a maintenance man is to look after the things that should be maintained.

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