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Malaysia is the world's second largest exporter of Liquefied Natural Gas and also a major exporter of oil. Nearly all of Malaysia's oil comes from offshore oil fields. Malaysia is a country that is still in the development stage. The development of it's resources is important to the country's economy. Due to the developing status of the country, the job market in Malaysia is chock full of many differing employment opportunities. Many jobs are in the oil and gas industry. Malaysia attracts steady exploration interests because the many yet to be explored reservoirs. This means there is a need for engineers and geoscientists for that exploration. The long term projections for gas and oil development and refinement in Malaysia go well into the future. Malaysia's economy depends greatly on its exports. As one of the largest oil and gas exporters in Asia, Malaysia has profited from higher global energy prices; thereby creating a need to produce more oil and gas. There is work in Malaysia but a shortage of manpower. Particularly there are many offshore oil rig jobs. Oil rig jobs can be grueling but pay well. Oil Rigs run 24/7 and the need for qualified employees in Malaysia is great. There are many positions to be filled on an oil rig for example:

Roustabout/Roughneck; generally cleans, paints and helps on the rig

Driller; handles the drilling equipment and the maintenance of the equipment Derrickman; works with the drill pipes

Motorman; responsible for the engine that drives the drill

Tool pusher; is the senior person on the rig and supervises everything that happens on the rig

Medic; cares for the workers general health (mental and physical) and with some companies also acts as security

Also there are positions for deep-sea divers to work in the sea under the rigs to maintain the submerged parts.

Accommodations on an oil rig are comfortable but the work is hard and it pays very well for all positions. Together the necessity for skilled oil employees and the exotic location of Malaysia makes for a good looking job prospect for oil job seekers.

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There are many vacancies in the oil fields in Malaysia. Oil field is a rich platform that makes available a lot of jobs. And also they are providing a high income. But it is little bit hard to get a job, due to the requirement of experience in the same field.

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