Mining Engineering Jobs

With the right knowledge in maths and physics, the world simply becomes your oyster. A lot of doors are opened, and it's all up to you to decide where your fate lies. For most people, engineering is the field of choice. And given the abundant engineering courses and niches available, it's easy to narrow down in precision to just one. That is the advantage of having a variety when it comes to your job choice. One field that some choose to specialize in is mining engineering. The earth always has treasures it likes to offer. The challenge is bringing them from the underground haven that they are usually stored away in. Mining engineering centers on bringing these treasures to the surface.

Mining engineering is not a niche in precision, it's a collective term used to refer to the many engineering jobs available in mining. The disciplines are actually five. Any knowledge in any of these and you would be well on your way to a flourishing mining career. There is chemical and material engineering as the first. The most common niche in this field is metallurgical engineering where the study concentrates on the kind of equipment that would best befit the kind of mining procedure in question. Civil engineering is the second class, where the drilling process is explored with all technicalities of the procedure being tabled. Mechanical and electrical engineering is the third. Here all the mechanical and electrical aspects of mining are dealt with. Drilling engineering is the fourth. The tasks here are many, from drilling to blasting. The fifth class of engineering is unclassified, with all other engineering tasks not mentioned in the other classes are listed. These include the surveying, marine and industrial engineering, excavation and project management.

When it comes to mining, the jobs are not many, especially when the mineral being mined for is oil. It's easy to find all these jobs listed among the offshore oil rig jobs available, and some others which have not been listed. These engineers, involved in the process usually get admirable wages, with the beginner positions getting an average of $300 a day. Since the job is both physically and mentally demanding, you get to work for only 14 days a month or less. You get the rest of the time off, which sounds great. To get the job, you need at least a certificate or a diploma in any of the engineering niches available, though higher positions need a degree instead.

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