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Queensland, known as the Sunshine State, is in the north-eastern part of mainland Australia. Second largest by its area, it is third in population after New South Wales and Victoria. It has abundant resources of minerals: copper, silver, lead, zinc, phosphate rock, bauxite, magnesite and silica sand. In Queensland, 1923 was the year of silver-lead being discovered which led to the development of Mount Isa Mines. Mount Isa Mines became the center of lead, zinc, copper, and silver production and supply network, which included the smelting and refining facilities that were in Europe.

Australia's Queensland also is the largest seaborne coal exporter in the world. This tropical state also has its share of gemstones, as well. With rich and significant deposits of opal, sapphire, and chrysoprase, Queensland contains mines which are commercially successful. It also has a certain quantity of diamonds, emeralds, and rubies; however, as of present, there are no commercial mining efforts for these gemstones.

Queensland also contains quarry materials which include sand, gravel, quarry rock, and fill. These are the main sources of material in regards to road construction, rail ballast, armour stone, fill, concrete, and horticultural use so very necessary for the infrastructure needs of Queensland. Coal is another profitable resource for Queensland. Since there are more than 30 billion tons of black coal resources, the coal industry is responsible for contributing a great deal to the economy of Queensland. This country is also the largest seaborne coal exporter in the world.

Production is increasing, as well, with a new coal mine, the Sonoma mine, which is near Collinsville, and now is producing. Other projects for coal mining are the Clermont and Lake Vermont mines which are under construction. In 2007, Queensland's production of coal had reached 183 million tons of commercial coal. Also, commercial coal was exported to thirty-three countries worldwide. A rail network joins the coal mines of Queensland to six coal export terminals to four ports on the coast of Queensland. This coal is delivered to domestic and export markets. Queensland encourages the establishment of an international investment of corporate, private, foreign and domestic investors. Although, Queensland has established the mines it already possesses, continued exploration is necessary due to the potential of the rich supply of minerals, gemstones, and coal.

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