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Oil accumulates far underground and far under the sea bed in big reservoirs. Oil companies, such as ExxonMobil set up big oil rigs to extract the oil from beneath the surface of the earth. The people that work in oil fields and on offshore oil rigs must be trained to construct and to totally maintain the rig they work on. It takes a special kind of person to work in the oil industry.

When times are good, there are many mining jobs in WA for people with various skills. It is possible to train for jobs and to be promoted as new job vacancies come available. Now that oil prices are rising, oil rigs that have been idle are now producing to take advantage of the high price of energy. Oil companies are spreading out in exploration for more places to drill for oil. During the times that oil prices go down, the processing plants that turn oil into gasoline have a hard time making a profit. When production slows down, some employees have to suffer layoffs.

The economy has a lot to do with how consumers spend their money. As prices of gasoline and other products rise, consumers slash their spending. The more the consumer has to spend on gasoline and other petroleum products, the less they are going to drive their cars. When the demand for gasoline is lowered the price of oil goes down, which makes it difficult for the producers of gasoline to make money. When the demand for oil is lowered, there may be many people in oil mining jobs that get laid off their jobs.

Mining jobs in WA that are related to the oil industry are challenging work. If you work offshore, you will work in work rotations. If your mining job position is a roustabout or a roughneck you will likely work 12 hours per day. Roughnecks and roustabouts are responsible for some of the drilling and putting pipes together for drilling.

Professionals, such as researchers and engineers don't have to work as long or as hard as the roughnecks and the roustabouts. The engineers and researchers and other professionals hold degrees and are very highly paid. The non-professional workers can make very good money if they are willing to work overtime for long periods of time. Mining jobs in WA are great for people who don't care for the regular 9 to 5 job. If you like challenging work, you might like working in the oil industry.

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My brother had a minning job and he says the job may seem like a piece of cake but it is really really hard, esecially if your working on the deepest level, so anyways i read this and i could relate to some of the issues he mentioned, so anyways that you for this, it was a good read!

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