Natural Gas Jobs

If you are looking for employment in natural gas jobs the petroleum industry is wide open right now. Like oil, natural gas is a fossil fuel, which is found under the ground. In the last 20 years the exploration of gas has changed tremendously. Before this time the only way of knowing that there was natural gas under the ground was to find evidence above the ground.

The first type of surface natural gas jobs may start with geographical surveyors. Natural gas geologists will map and determine the surface of the earth to see if it is likely that there could be a natural gas reservoir below the surface. The geologist will have tools at his or her disposal to dig or take samples of rock formation and so on so that he or she can use to determine the soil and possibility of gas reserves. They will also use soil samples and other information from wells and irrigation ditches. After a geologist determines that there is gas below the ground, a geophysicist will then conduct even more tests and analyses.

Seismic Exploration

Seismic exploration will study the seismic waves under the earth's crust, it is used in earthquake analysis and it is now used in oil and gas exploration as well. Again it will be the geophysicists who will work in seismology to determine the density of the earth's layers. Geophones are instruments that pick up the waves underground, which are later recorded on the seismic recording truck. Besides the geologists and geophysicists who can analysis the data, the petroleum or gas engineers can do so as well. Many workers are employed in seismic crews who will use a device to create vibrations under the ground rather than explosives to get the information needed by the specialists.

Seismic readings can be done offshore and under the water. However, a ship will be used to create the vibrations rather than geophones or seismic trucks. Offshore seismic readings will be done with hydrophones, which are lowered down into the water. The seismic ship will have a large air gun that is capable of making the necessary vibrations.

Off shore natural gas workers will still have to drill wells under the water so the drilling crew is still an important aspect of the gas exploration team. Logging is another job that requires analysis by geologists and drill operators to determine the natural gas reservoirs contained under the water. Logging actually requires hundreds of tests to make certain of the data acquired.

There are many computer assisted tests and data analyses required and therefore workers in the natural gas industry must have IT training for the advanced work required for many of these jobs.

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