British Petroleum Careers

Although many science researches and reviews point out that the end of oil resources of the World is nearing, on the other hand, momentum of finding new reservoirs and new methods to extract oil from them have been doubly increased. Some point out that oil resources are not withering but the expertise needed to explore them is lacking.

Petroleum industry needs geophysicists, geologists, engineers as well as other employees on a grand scale. Within this background, career opportunities in the petroleum field seem ample. Nevertheless, many famous petroleum companies today seek qualified employees on a regular basis. This situation emphasizes the lack of qualified people in the petroleum field.

British Petroleum is consistently innovative in discovering new methods, techniques, resources and people to meet present and future targets of the world's energy needs. It has employed more than 96,000 people globally for this task and welcome people from all over the world who have qualifications and ambition, and are innovative and energetic to meet challenges disregarding their race, sex, religion or disabilities for its present and future development schemes.

British careers value integrity, honesty, equanimity, dignity and mutual unity more than any other thing from its employees worldwide. All should work together to raise the humankind and its vision for the future as one unit. The vision of the British Petroleum has been emphasized with its activities in safety, security, health, environment and ethical conduct fulfilling its excellent relationships globally.

It initiates campaigns for joining employees in its specific categories from time to time. Currently, British Petroleum is in search of employees in Alternative Energy, Business Service Centre (Hungary), Commercial (E&P), Customer Service, Exploration and Production, Exploration and Production Technology, IT jobs in trading, Offshore technicians (Gulf of Mexico), Procurement/Supply Chain (E&P), Refineries (US only), Refining: New technology, Shipping and Maritime Services and Trading and Supply.

With an investment of $8 billions for the next ten years, BP is going to expand its global energy targets. For this, it needs many experts in various fields. Project Mangers, Plant Operators, and Project Engineers are welcome to submit applications. The vacancies exist in projects in Brazil, China, North and South East Asia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Many fraudulent channels are offering employment in BP. People who face this type of bogus maneuvers should email to stop these abuses. BP Carrier requests people to put original subject line, complete headers, and complete message body on the sending emails to ease the procedure of tackling the problem effectively.

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