British Petroleum Company

British Petroleum Company is a petroleum company that has been in the market for a very long time, it is therefore only automatic that the company has stakes almost all over the world. The company with a world wide interest in petroleum and other energy related matters has its headquarters in St James's, City of Westminster, London. It is important to note that it happens to be a private company as opposed to most big oil companies in its league.

In order to maintain a large stake in the energy sector, the company has taken the initiative to introduce several market brands in order to remain relevant in the market. It is quite clear that when you are in the business of selling a product, you must have a strong brand that stamps its presence in the consumer's mind in order to stay ahead of competition. Among the many retail brands that keep British Petroleum in the center of the contest are; BP, ampm, ARCO, BP travel center, BP connect, BP express, BP shop, BP 2go, Castrol and lastly Air BP and BP shipping.

For a long time BP had maintained a policy of donating to political campaigns across the world in countries where it had business investments. This strategy was meant to help a candidate or party that they felt had policies that would enhance the growth of their business in the said regions. This went on for some time until recently when they realized that taking sides in political battles in various countries would lead to conflicts that may latter on affect the running of the company's business. it was therefore decided that BP would never again contribute towards any political activities by using its corporate funds any where in the world.

Having been involved in several environmental disasters such as the Texas City refinery disaster in2005 among other smaller accidents, BP's corporate image was greatly tarnished. As a result the firm has decided to try and make amends by introducing low-sulphur diesel into the consumer market. With the ozone depletion and global warming being largely blamed on petroleum and its by products, BP has taken the initiative of putting up hydrogen fueling stations with the hope that this should see the transformation from the over reliance on petrol as a motor vehicle source of fuel to the more greener hydrogen powered automobiles. In an effort to make the hydrogen gas stations a reality, the company has already put up a few which are up and running. An example is the hydrogen gas station in California State.

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