British Petroleum Standard

In every petroleum country there exist a government body that is charged with the regulation of the sector, In Britain this body is referred to as the Energy Institute, this institute is charged with the regulation of the energy sector, by law it has been mandated to come up with laws to make sure that the industry is well regulated, The energy Institute has annual release on new IP standard methods, this release contains analysis and recommended ways of the testing petroleum products, the British Standard 2000 parts is the original publish on this, the annual releases just adds on what has been already reported however this instrument is vital since in it contains new measures that the Energy institute would impose as a regulation to all petroleum stakeholders.

This Standard methods are very important on any industry that is interested in offering quality products, all companies will claim to produce standardized products but that has not been the case, many companies even with standard regulatory body will tend to wonder away, if caught such companies face heavy fines, in some cases their operating licenses may be canceled, British Energy institution will ensure all companies in the petroleum sector, will follow to the letter every rule and set steps of production available and approved by them on any petroleum product, This will follow by instructing this companies to stamp or somehow print that specific product on sale has been manufactured to prevailing standards, as earlier mentioned, failure to follow this guidelines can attract serious repercussions.

The regulating body, also has on its database a list of all companies dealing on petroleum products all around England, the database has detailed information on each company, a file and report of each company is also kept, this records helps the body to access and analyze performance of companies, not only that they use this be able to follow on companies that don't adhere to the regulation laws set.

Similar standard regulatory companies will exist in almost every country reason being the government is very interested on the welfare of its citizen, the regulatory institutions have full permission to act as they do, in fact they get the powers from the government through a ministry in the government. For an institution to form any regulating clause the clause must be thoroughly backed up and researched to the best of the laboratory engineers' knowledge. Perfection in the industry is what the energy the regulation companies is interested in.

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