Canada Southern Petroleum

Production of petroleum is the backbone of economy of North America. It is because Canada acquires 7th position in the oil production business throughout the world. Canada produces 48% conventional crude oil, 46% bitumen, and 6% natural gas. The daily petroleum production in Canada is about 283,000 cubic meters. That is why Canada contributes to United States as a great economical gain in oil imports. Canada Southern Petroleum Ltd. (also called as, CSPLF) is a self-sufficient oil production company situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Alberta is the place where more than hundreds of companies are engaged in the petrochemical business from drilling wells to exploration of oil and gas, from pipeline maintenance to natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids marketing.

It is true that a company's financial position on the worldwide basis is determined by the foreign competition, globalization of markets, and the reduction of entry barriers. However, we cannot deny that the whole industry is affected by an exogenous or external shock of economic slowdown or oil crisis. Alberta is considered as the first oil discovery province, but it got this official recognition in 1947. Initially, the extraction of crude oil, bitumen production with the synthetic crude is developed and grown in Alberta. Now this technology has been imitated throughout the world by the foreign companies. Yet, many companies adopt both non-conventional and conventional strip mining methods for the extraction of bitumen out of Anthabasca deposit. In Calgary, Edmonton is famous for manufacturing, research, chemical processing, refining, and pipeline junction. It is also the head office of many small as well as large oil companies.

The Canadian petroleum industry is also known as 'Oil Patch', which includes upstream and downstream operations. The upstream operations are referred to exploration and production of oil and gas. While the downstream operations cover refining, distribution, and sell of gas and oil products. Approximately, hundreds of new wells are drilled daily in the Alberta. Nowadays, the oil industry is at fluctuation due to the oil shipping rather than oil drilling business. However, there are good job opportunities in Canada in the field of petroleum or petrochemical industry. Merely, Canada is offering better jobs to thousands of employees around the world with handsome earnings. The future generations may rely on Canada for the petroleum business even the years to come. The Canadian environment is favorable to the petroleum transactions. Therefore, you can look at this country as a prospective monetary gain for your secured future.

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