Canadian Petroleum Industry

Canada is one of the major countries with heavy interest in the petroleum industry, the country main economy is driven by components in this industry, this countries consumption of oil petroleum products also ranks to be to among the highest in the world, the country has well installed reservoir that are well designed to control it market demand and supply, Canada's production of oil is known to be very high, petroleum is extracted for both local and international exports. However studies have shown that Canada own production of oil my not sustain it for the coming couple of years. This has been so due to the rampant growth of economy, Cananda' economy is growing at a very alarming rate. With industry sprouting almost in every state, the use of petroleum products has doubled since in the recent past years.

The Canadian government has formed institution to regulate this very important sector of it economy, institution that primary mandates are to oversee exploration activities are present in Canada, these institutions are charged by the government to provide laws that will be aid the industry to work and compile to the laws of the land, also for any party interested in exploration, or so business in any area that touches on the petroleum industry must pass through this institution to get licenses of operations, failure to operate without license can attract lawsuits and heavy fine on the parties involved, for those in the industry but are reluctant in following st law can have their trade license cancelled.

There also institutions that are charge with regulation and standardization of petroleum products, these institution will make sure that every product produced by the manufacturing companies are produced following their set guidelines, for any company with products must have it first tested at these bureau for quality check, at the bureaus are quality laboratory technician who will test and report on these products giving the company a go ahead to sell its produce on the market or refrain. Failures to avoid these measures always work to the disadvantage of this company. A company may be warned, fined, or have its trade license cancelled.

Powers to operate at this degree are given by the central government; these institutions will make sure that their trade bylaws are observed to the letter by any player in the industry.

This has led to the reported success often with the Canadian petroleum industry.

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