Oil And Petroleum

The relationship between petroleum and oil is quite intertwined if not complementary. Petroleum happens to be a product of oil hence the close relationship. It so happens that the process of getting petroleum out of oil is quite a common one and has a direct impact on the price of petroleum as a finished commodity. Ordinarily, the terms petroleum and crude oil can be used interchangeably since the two actually mean one and the same things.

In order to get a clear perspective of oil, let's take a look at its composition. Oil consists of different natural gases and liquids which mix up I different ratios to form the different categories of crude oil. It is important to note that crude oil comes in different classes. The classes are determined by the thickness of oil. The main categories are oil sands bitumen, conventional oil, heavy oil and extra heavy oil. As it comes from the ground, oil is usually a very thick and highly viscous liquid that may vary in color depending on the type of crude oil in question, the colors of crude oil may range from black tar like substance to light brown or even yellowish green depending on the mixture of the natural gases and the liquid in the ground. Technically, crude oil comprises of about four different hydrocarbon molecules. These are mainly paraffins, naphthenes, aromatics and asphaltics.

Oil reservoirs

By oil reservoirs, we mean the huge deposits of crude oil often found in the earth's crust. It so happens that the process through which the hydrocarbons and natural gases and liquids need a high degree of heat to heat it up so as to turn into the much sort after crude oil. Out of this necessity it therefore means that the formation of reservoirs need to get specific conditions among them being the desired depth so as to enable the subterranean heat that plays a major role in heating the substance into its drillable state.

Besides the depth, there are needs for a highly permeable porous rock that should hold the heated substance deep in the ground to prevent it from escaping into the surface, after this conditions are met, the additional activity within the rock bottoms forces the liquid to move to favorable locations which could be miles away. It is at the point where this liquid eventually finds comfort that the so called reservoir is usually formed.

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