Petroleum Based Products

When refining, petroleum gives out many other forms of residues that form the basis of various products. These products are very useful and most of them are imperative for the well being of humankind. While refining petroleum, the principal part comes out as energy products while producing a range of fuel oils and gasoline. Other than these products, refineries produce various chemicals that are used in chemical mixtures producing plastics, which in turn is in use to produce million of goods throughout the world.

Refining process produces sulfur as well. Then it produces Hydrogen and carbon, which form petroleum coke. Hydrogen produced with the process of refining is taken as an addictive to produce hydro cracking and hydrodesulphurization. The Refining process also produces asphalt, diesel fuel, fuel oils, gasoline, kerosene, LPG, lubricating oils, paraffin wax, tar and petrochemicals.

Petroleum based products include ammonia, anesthetics, antifreezes, antihistamines, antiseptics, awnings, balloons, artificial turf, ballpoint pens, basketballs, bandages, bearing grease, bicycle tires, car enamel, cassettes, caulking, CD players, CDs, clothes, car battery cases, cameras, candles, clothesline, cortisone, crayons, curtains, dentures, deodorant, detergents, dice, combs and cold cream.

The list does not end with cold cream. It goes on including many others as well. Dishes, Dishwashers, dresses, drinking cups, dyes, electric blankets, enamels, epoxy, eyeglasses, faucet washes, fertilizers, fishing boots, fishing lures, fishing rods, floor waxes, folding doors, food preservatives, football cleats, footballs, football helmets, floor waxes, and food preservatives.

Petroleum based products also includes, glycerin, golf bags, guitar strings, heart vales, hand lotion, hair coloring, hair curlers, house paints, ink, insect repellent, life jackets, linings, lipstick, insecticides, insect repellent, luggage, model cars, mops, motor oil, motorcycle helmets, movie films, nail polishes, nylon ropes, oil filters, paint, paint brushes, panty hoses, parachutes, perfumes, pillows, plastic wood, purses, putty, percolators and various fibers.

The list is further increasing with products such as refrigerant, refrigerators, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, safety glasses, shaggy rugs, roofing, shaving cream, skis, slacks, soap, shoe polish, soft contact lenses, solvents, sun glasses, surf boards, sweaters, tennis rackets, telephones, synthetic rubber, tool boxes, tents, tires, toilet seats, toothbrushes, toothpaste, TV cabinets, umbrellas, upholsteries, vaporizers, vitamin capsules, yarn, wheelers and water pipes.

Petroleum while giving energy to the entire World helps produce over thousand related products as well. It is the base of the world's economies. Million upon millions live manufacturing various products that are based on petroleum. When petroleum prices go up, it influences world economies on a greater scale. The future of the World also depends on the petroleum and its related products.

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Petroleum products are created as a by products from refining the petroleum. It is sure that the number of petroleum products are increasing day by day as the refining processes are improving in the field. The daily life things are the most important petroleum products.

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