Petroleum Coke Prices

Crude oil is a very important component in the petroleum industry, infact it is the center of petroleum industry, without the extraction of crude oil then all industry that have vested interest in this area would have all closed down, crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbon and gas this hydrocarbon passes through a series of production and refining process to bring about diverse by products of crude oil, one which happens to be the petroleum coke or as commonly known the pet coke.

Pet coke is a carbonaceous carbon solid that is found after oil has undergone series of process, this coke is an impure pure carbon. Many industries are very interested on this byproduct of oil, pure coke is very marketable in companies that deal in the production of dry cells, some company will use this as a source of fuel for the purpose of running certain machine that require coal to operate, Coal will exist in various forms most known is the needle coke or the acicular coke as it may be known by many people, this is coke property will appear in crystals or be crystal lined, this byproduct is heavily used in the steel and aluminum industries, there is also the catalyst coke that is used as a catalytic component in the oil refining companies.

Coke will normally burn to produce very high temperatures of heat this makes it a very a very important component that is used for fuel for the generation of power, the coal is put in fire boilers, that build up very high temperatures and pressures for the running of dynamos to produce electricity.

Coke has very high components of sulphur which is very harmful to the environment, some measures are always observed to make sure that excess sulphur is somehow captured., there are some environmental bodies that have been establish to oversee that every company dealing in petroleum coke observe standards for environmental pollution control.

Prices for the Petroleum coke has been on the rise, since the rampant rise of oil in the year 2007/2008, many companies have seen petroleum coke as a hedging energy producing component, Coke which is abit cheaper than oil, is widely used in todays industries for the purpose of production. Due to this price for this commodity has been on the rise these recent years, with many companies viewing this as an alternative to oil, many orders have been received by a number of companies and individuals alike.

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