Petroleum Engineering Scholarships

Students who are pursuing graduation in the field of oil or petroleum engineering will have to follow a general syllabus before deeply studying the topics like where natural gasses and oils are found, methods to transportation, innovative methods of extraction, how to locate this natural gasses and oils etc. These all detailed topics regarding petroleum are the syllabus for entire engineering years.

In the modern world petroleum related products are very much in demand and our earth depends on them completely. Petroleum engineers are in a huge demand all over the globe because they can really invent innovative methods of extraction of natural gas and oil and they also present new ideas regarding transportation and location of natural gas and oil.

Government funding

The government of United States provides special scholarships to the students those who are pursuing major in petroleum and oil engineering, the scholarship is known as the Mickey Leland energy scholarship, these scholarships are only given to the minority students pursuing engineering. The students of petroleum engineering are considered as bright careers and so they are sponsored personally by the U.S government.

College scholarships

Those students who have opted to study petroleum engineering from West Virginia University they can easily claim for the scholarship from the college of mineral and energy resources.

B.D.O'neal'53 is the scholarship offered by Texas A&M University for the students those have enrolled for petroleum and oil engineering.

Pennsylvania University offers scholarship to students who are studying petroleum engineering from the college of mineral and earth sciences, these scholarships are for the students who have only opted for the major petroleum engineering. These scholarships are in the form of awards and the money ranges from $500 - $6000.

For brilliant and outstanding students there is a scholarship naming as Luther Bissey memorial.

For students who have shown excellent progress in the academic career and if they are also in financial crisis then they can go for John .N Davis and Richard P memorial scholarship.

Robert Hawk awards are given to those students who are on the top of the merit list. Even juniors can also apply for this scholastic award.

Fred Kumph awards are available for all those petroleum engineering students who are in need of money for education and for improvement in studies.

C Drew Stahl scholarships are awarded to students those are having excellent progress in the petroleum engineering studies.

Students are always getting thousands of dollars every year to make a better career.

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