Petroleum Geologist Jobs

Last year in 2008 it was reported that many of the top oil drillers are in desperate need of workers. With so many years of lack of good investments in oil equipment and workers on top of the increase in oil prices over the past five years, many companies are experiencing a major cut back in workers for all levels of employment within the field, including petroleum geologist jobs

Filling positions for offshore oil fields has been a major challenge to date. In spite of the high paying salary ranges of 60-80,000 dollars a year, there are just not too many prospective candidates for these jobs.

There are many reasons as to why this has occurred:

1. There are not very many individuals willing to cohabitate in the middle of the ocean while working on an oil rig

2. Extremities in temperature, either hot or cold

3. The demanding hours- up to 12 hours a day seven days a week

4. Political violence that infiltrates certain areas like Nigeria, Africa and Saudi Arabia

5. Physical liabilities from storms, particular hurricanes like Katrina that caused great devastation

6. Terrible accidents like that of the 1988 Piper Alpha team which resulted in the fatalities of 170 men on the rig after a devastating fire.

Consistently speaking, the highest paid individuals are the corporate executives and then down the line you have vice presidents and salespeople.

The petroleum geologist jobs are also in great demand. Recent reports have declared that the starting salary for these positions range from 50, 000 up to over 80,000 dollars a year to start. Graduates with master's degrees or PhD's can earn up to 110,000 dollars annually. The great news for job seekers seeking petroleum geologist jobs in the oil industry is that the high demand of jobs in this field is unlikely to be filled any time soon in the near future.

The other good news for the people who have been working in petroleum geologist jobs since the 1970's will soon be retiring within the next five years. All facts combined together, this means that more and more petroleum geology jobs will continue to have ongoing vacancies for at least another decade with salary ranges more than likely to amplify.

With the increased demand for oil in countries like China and Indian, as well as for European countries and the United States, these petroleum geology jobs will continue to stay in demand for a very, very long time. This is a job that is considered one of the hottest jobs to get within the next twenty years.

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