Petroleum Industry Information

The petroleum industry is an important one as it has remained pivotal in the world's developmental goals. Since the agrarian revolution, the industrial revolution came into place. From that point onwards petroleum has played the most central role I the development of the world from one age to the next. Industrialization was mainly powered by petroleum making the use of petroleum and petroleum products very crucial in almost all parts of the world. As much as we must acknowledge the role played by coal during the early ages of industrialization, it is important to note that petroleum has been quite central in the

The petroleum industry has remained a world leader in expenditure up to date. It is estimated that process of prospecting, drilling and refining of petroleum remains the largest industry when converted in dollar value Petroleum is consumed world wide and more so in the developed ad developing countries. Developed states consume the highest percentage of oil produced globally. As the industrial revolution took shape the importance of petroleum soon overtook coal and wood as people discovered that petrol could produce better source of energy to power most of the industries in these early times.

Who are some of the leading producers of petroleum globally?

Some of the leading petroleum producing companies are mostly situated in the Middle East which seems to have the largest number of oil reserves. According to recent statistics, The Saudi Aramco appeared to lead the pack with a record 264 billion barrels per year followed by the National Iranian oil company at 138 billion barrels per year. The Iran national oil company followed in third place at 115 billion barrels and the Kuwaiti petroleum corporation came in fourth with 102 billion barrels. From the statistics gathered, it appeared that the top ten lists was dominated by companies based in the middle east only Libyan and Nigerian oil companies breaking the norm.

Impact of oil on nature

The use of oil has for a long time has been a source of great conflict with nature. Most of the petroleum use results in the emission of pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide from combustion and other destructive gases. Among the gases that petroleum combustion emits are green house gases which have a serious impact on global warming and the subsequent depletion of the ozone layer. This is certainly a recipe for destruction. It is out of concern for the effect of these gases that most players are being pestered to try and device better forms of the energy source that can ensure a greener future.

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