Petroleum Training Center

The National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) of the United States of America was launched in 1980 by a Congressional resolution dedicated to promote a pragmatic perceptive of the scientific, economic, and environmental impacts of energy. By following the project curricula students and teachers are able to make educated decisions.

The mission is to endorse an energy awareness and knowledgeable people by creating effectual networks of students, educators, business, and government and community leaders to plan and convey objective, multi-sided energy education programs.

The NEED curriculum includes an inventive program of study with resources, specialized development, evaluation tools, and recognition. NEED teaches the technical concept of energy and provides purposeful information about conventional and up-and-coming energy sources-- their use and impact on the economy, environment, and society. The course also educates students about energy efficiency and management. It also provides tools to help educators, energy managers, and consumers to use energy in a wise manner.

Energy is the very essence and link between everything that happens in this world, but there is no sole or easy world solution. Energy choices and challenges will become all the time more complex as the world stabilizes the growing need for energy supply stressing the importance of increasing energy efficiency and conservation. As the world energy market grows each day, new stakeholders, new resources, new limitations, and new challenges are renewed. NEED's goal is to organize future leaders to make those complex decisions, train educators to teach energy with a balanced perception, and reach parents and community decision makers through energy outreach and education programs.

Students learn best by practice. NEED resources are inquiry based and integrate the "Kids Teaching Kids" thinking. NEED teaching and learning programs about energy are made exciting while developing students' leadership and decisive judgment skills.

With NEED's extensive curriculum, it enables educators to design classroom programs that spark the interest of their students to meet course objectives. The National Science Education Content Standards as well as many state standards are met with NEED's materials.

To ensure that teachers and students work with accurate information, NEED materials are updated on a regular basis, using the latest information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, as well as from a wide range of energy industry partners.

Teachers in Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Oklahoma, Connecticut and Louisiana benefited from an expansion of NEED's partnership with Dominion--providing teacher training, classroom curriculum, and hands-on kits to educators in Dominion communities.

A new partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company this year expanded the PG&E Solar Schools agenda to over 600 teachers in the PG&E service area.

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