Reservoir Petroleum Engineering

Naturally, petroleum comes from the ground and the process of getting it to the ground and subsequent refining in order to get the useful end products requires some elaborate procedures to realize. The deposits of oil deep down in the ground are referred to as reservoirs. When we talk about reservoir petroleum engineering, we are basically referring to the detailed process of getting the precious fossil fuel from the deep ground and the entire process of refining it until we get to the desired petroleum product that is consumable to the economy.

The art of drilling for oil has been with mankind for quite a long time. With the passing of time, the art of mining oil has improved as new technology is discovered and put into use. As a result we have improvements in the style and methods of drilling oil. In order to get a clear perspective of what it entails to study the subject of reservoir petroleum engineering. The main areas of study in this course include subsurface geology, mathematics and law of chemistry and physics in relation to liquids and steam that form major part of petroleum engineering

Objectives of reservoir engineering

The main goal behind the study of reservoir engineering is to understand and to exploit the existence of natural oils and gases in the ground by using universally acceptable methods to extract the precious fuels. In this, it is important to comprehend the relationship between the available reserves of oil, its position in the ground and the ability to drill it without causing any harmful threats to the environment.

In order to achieve the above objectives successfully, reservoir engineers must take charge of the following; come up with accurate reservoir estimates as this plays a very crucial role in the planning and establishment of oil wells. It is quite important to get these estimates as accurate as possible since the amounts of money that goes in to the prospecting and eventual drilling is at times too much that if it turns out that the estimates were not accurate, the prospecting company is likely to run into huge losses. Once the accurate estimation is done and the prospecting commences, the reservoir engineer is supposed to take full control of the planning and recommending an elaborate feasible drilling plan. The drilling process is quite complex and balancing the aspects of water flooding amidst gas injection in an effort to get the desired hydrocarbon deposits requires the expert guidance of qualified reservoir engineer.

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Locating the crude oil reservoir and the process of getting this fossil fuel from underground is a big task and is the most important task in petroleum sector. Getting the fossil fuel to the surface is not that easy as we think.

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