Assistant Driller

Today's oil and gas industry is always in the midst of fluctuation because of having the oil shipped rather than drilling in closer proximity. There is still a wide range of opportunities and the individual will need to devote time to search. Like many employees in the airline industry the gas and oil industry is today as it was in the past a worldwide industry.

This in itself will offer many opportunities to a multitude of individuals all around the world. A few of the major opportunities that remain available to those who qualify are the following.

1. Professional drillers

2. Professional electricians

3. Professional mechanics

4. Professional medics

5. Professional mud engineers

6. Professional offshore installation managers

7. Professional radio operators

8. Professional welders

The opportunities and the possibilities for employment are absolutely endless, but it does begin with a full education and the possible master's degree in engineering. The higher up the ladder an individual is prepared to sacrifice, the better employment opportunities blossom. The range of employment also has many opportunities heavily involved with the many stages of extracting oil and gas from various reservoirs.

Assistant drillers and electricians are an important asset to the gas and oil industry, as without them the work will come to a standstill. The medics and the industry mechanics are important because the medics are there for the individuals who sustain injuries. The mechanics are there to get the equipment back on line as quickly as possible. Think of it as a team and each member of the team no matter at what level is of vital interest to the company as a whole.

The assistant drillers or roughnecks are a member of the oil drilling team. These individuals perform general labor duties by operating equipment to assist in the actual drilling and servicing. Some of the tasks they may perform are the following.

1. Setting up, dismantling, and transporting equipment

2. Maintenance and clean up of the drilling area

3. Handle, sort and move drill tools, pipes, cement and other materials

4. Operates sections of pipe, drill stem during drilling and removal

5. In charge of transporting various materials and necessary equipment

This also allows the assistant driller or roughneck to shine and expose all things learned to the team of individuals. It is an opportunity for the roughneck to excel and move up the ladder and have a chance to be one of the big boys.

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Atif said:

Hello I am ATIF KHAN from Pakistan. I am interested in your company. I have degree of Masters in PETROLEUM but I have no experience. Kindly consider me I am willing to move location where as per hiring. My email ID and my contact is 092333-2246245 Thank You

Konstantinas said:

Hello i am from Lithuania. I am looking for driller assistant job.I have three years experience in lithanin oil companie as a driller assistant.It is also of interest and other obligations of such roughnekc, roustabout. I am a high school graduatemy. contacts; +37062422301.It would be very pleased to be offered.

peter said:

hi i havent done that work before but i wont to start new life career as a driller if a job is still open pleas email me at

kingsley said:

Hi, am an assistant driller based in aberdeen, uk. Am presently looking for work. My qualifications include IWCF drillers surface, MSC Drilling and Well Engineering. My contact info is +447799894186

Faustino Florante P. Jacla said:

Greeting! Hello, I am Faustino Florante Jacla a natural filipino born citizen presently working in FUGRO MIDDLE EAST, QATAR as Geotechnical Driller with a four years experience. I am interested to work in your company as Driller, Asst. Driller and Materials Controller. Thank You and more power to your company. my contact #s are +9745895836/+9746655927, email add.

Ramkishan Gujar said:

Hello Sir my name is Ramkishan Gujar and i am from India I am interested in oil field and I am an Electrical Engineer iF you have job of my kind Please contact me of this E-mail ID



David said:

I am looking to get into a drilling/oil career but unsure of how to do so. if anyone has information i can be reached at 403-708-3115 or

petewain said:

hello i am assistant driller 11 years offshore exp i.w.c.f subsea wellcontrol working international for stena drilling look for a change

syafik said:

Respected Sir, I am a bachelor mechanical engineering degree holder with 1+ year working experience.Though I have no experience in drilling, I really have a deep interest in this oil drilling field. I'm keen to start as assitant driller . I'm from KL,Malaysia ,physically and mentally fit to work in any oil field on the globe. You may contact me here at Please, it's a dream to be an assistant driller.


Hi I am a Diploma Mechanical Engineer with good communication skills and computer literate and am proficient in ProE, C++ , would like to join asap and may be contacted at or (9930368038)Am prepared to do computer related jobs or any entry level jobs, Thanks & regards,

justin said:

helo sir this justin from india .i am wotking as a asst driller in bahrain.& i am a mechanical engeering diploma.i have 13 years experience in the same email / phone no:00919842081487.if you have any vacancy please consider me.thanks & regards,justin.v.a.

Ronuj said:

hello sir, I am Ronuj. I am a diploma holder in Oil Well Drilling Technology. I have good knowledge on Drilling, Tripping Operation, Casing in and out, Cementing Operation. And now i am trained in Oil India Ltd., If any informations, please contact me on email: or Mobile No.:- 09577324495. Thank You.

Gergo said:

Hi I am Gergo from Hungary.I have 4years experience.Presently working as Driller.I worked in Madagascar and Africa.PLEASE CONTACT ME ON MY or 0036703391833.Thank you Regards Gergo

Terry said:

Assistant Driller seeking employment IWCF Surface Supervisors Level, Rig Rescue, Fall Aresst, confined space, first aid & cpr. Based out of Canada, valid passport, overseas experience, joystick top drive experience. Please contact

dumitru said:

hi i am Dumitru, i m from romania, i have 28 years experience of drilling, presently i worked like driller...and i m interested in your email

kastriot belishaku said:

hi i have a bachelor degree form tirana ,polytechnich university here in albania ,and i am a Msc candidate ,i want to start work in canada in oil industry .i have lot of skills an i can work +3550683583205

Maximo Navarro Fabro said:

Greetings, I am Maximo Navarro Fabro. have 16 years experience in the oil field. Currently working with Nabors Drilling International Limited as an ASSISTANT DRILLER. and I would like to apply as an ASSISTANT DRILLER or a Derrickman in your company to share my experiences and for the good future of my family. That my children can continue their studies to take degree courses. will submit my resume. Certificate of employment and IWCF as needed. my email add is aand Roaming-+639099492896

wojtek said:

Dear sir.Iam wojtek ciesielski from Poland.I have 22 years.Iam a young healthy and strong man and I havent done that work before but I know what it means to hard work becouse my familly have a farm.that becouse i wont start work as driller or assistant driiler.I finished high school(one of my competences is:provide first aid to the injured due to accidents at work) so i can do that work .If You interested my person and You have jobs ,please send to my email or greet wojtek

Farrukh Khan said:

Hi Im seeking for Assistant driller Job I have 9 year experienced Land base drilling Rig. I have valid IWCF Driller level. Currently im workink as a Assistant Driller in Great Wall Drilling Company Pakistan. My e-mail and

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