Halliburton is an international operated oilfield service business located in the United States Founded back in 1919 by Erie Halliburton as the New Method Cement Oil Well Cementing Company, grew into a large company and an mad a major impact on the oil business By the 1940 s. Halliburton was fully established as a cement handler, had patents in the cement business, and had their first cement vessel in service.

Currently Halliburton operates in more then 70 countries and has hundreds of subsidiaries, branches and brands. Based in Houston, they also have branch offices in Denver CO, Anchorage AK, Lafayette LA. Bakersfield CA, and Oklahoma OK. Recently Halliburton open an office in the United Arab Emirates. This is to show a stronger presents in the Middle East.

In the early days Halliburton focused primarily on cement for the off shore industry, now they are much more diverse. Currently they provide many products and services for oil and gas production as well as exploration. Its main division is called the Energy Services Group. The oil well cement area is still a huge part of the companies success. This is how they started and they still depend on this product, and service to this day. The purpose of oil well cementing is to protect the oil from contamination of water, strengthens the walls of the well and protects it from possible explosions from gas, and oil. It also protects the environment from oil pollution.

Energy , and oil demand is predicted to increase 50 percent in the next 25 years, creating many opportunities, in the oil and power industry. Halliburton focuses on providing a balance between work and an employees person life. There are known for their generous flex time, and sick pay, as well as vacation time , to allow their employees the time off to enjoy their family and friends. They also have offices all over the world, offering employees a chance to live in work in different areas of the globe. The jobs will vary depending on the location. They also have a diverse training and educational program giving people a chance to grow and try new challenges within the company. In short Halliburton offers a vast amount of challenges and opportunities for many different people.

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Atif Khan said:

Hello I am ATIF KHAN from Pakistan. I am interested in your company. I have degree of Masters in PETROLEUM but I have no experience. Kindly consider me I am willing to move location where as per hiring. My email ID petrotech@engineer.com and my contact is 092333-2246245 Thank You

mark parkinson said:


Michael Grider said:

19 yrs old. No oilfield exp. But I am looking to start a career in the oil industry. I have experience operating a crane, forklifts, and large tractors and equipment. I also have some mechanical experience. I am willing to travel if necessary. Please contact me on my cell phone at 661-340-8757. Thank you

bellah mourad said:

i am oil field guy woking in different dept of halliburton ;well conrol and ctu since 10 years i get as title supevisor of coiled tubing unit i am intersting to move to canada to get more experience thanks am from algeria call me in 021333823068 or bellah.mourad@halliburton.com I am civil construction engeneer

Gunung Pasaribu said:

Hello,I am working as Drilling field support material man drilling and completion,I am interested joint whit your company to get more experience,please call me by 081366224855 or email ID rig12.materialman@petrochina.co.id or p4saribu@yahoo.com

Kedar Kosamkar said:

Hello, I am Kedar Kosamkar from Pune,India. I have 2 Years Experiance as Mudlogger.I have done a Master Degree in Petroleum Technology. I am looking to join the Coil Tubing Unit Operator/ Supervisor of Halliburton. I am willing to move location where as per hiring. Email-kedarkosamkar@gmail.com, Contact No- +91 -9763838298, +91-9623178093

Medical billing and coding companies said:

Is this oilfield is still in service? I mean this has been there for so many years and I thought that they had dissolved this place for good. Well I guess, it must be going to good all these years without a scratch.

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Now they are much more diverse. I am civil construction engeneer

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Currently Halliburton operates in more then 70 countries and has hundreds of subsidiaries, branches and brands. Based in Houston, they also have branch offices in Denver CO, Anchorage AK, Lafayette LA.

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