Oil And Gas Vacancies

There are many jobs available in the oil and gas sector, the overall vacancies in the oil and gas companies are increasing day by day. The demand of natural gas and oil is increasing very rapidly and the demand for more oil and natural fields are increasing. Companies are looking for new and talented engineers from all over the world and these are also offering a great starting salary for these new comers. Jobs in oil and gas industries are very profitable and lucrative. One of the major reasons that why oil and Gas Company looks for new employees is that the technology is advancing day by day and new engineers are better trained in their respective field of job.

Some of jobs which are available all over the world regarding oil and gas industries are

Administration - office administrator, project administrator, recruitment administrator, materials administrator, receptionists.

Design - construction manager, piping designer, technical planner, engineering manager, mechanical engineer.

Drilling - driller, drilling engineer, tool pusher, drilling foreman, mud engineer.

Engineering - petroleum, field production, drilling and reservoir engineering.

Environmental - hydrologist, ecologist, toxicologist, geo chemist, environmental engineer.

Geological science - geological, biostratigrapher, geophysical specialist, sedimentologist, petro physicist, seismic interpreter.

Healthy and safety - medical officer regarding health, coordinator regarding health and safety, service rig supervisor, safety specialist, doctor and paramedic.

Communication and analysis - human resource manager, radio operator, business analyst, financial analyst, research analyst.

Logistics - logistics manager, material manager, logistics coordinator, project and logistics manager, pipeline manager and logistics specialists.

Maritime - barge master, barge engineer, marine cargo, diver, ROV pilot.

Science - chemist, biologist, metallurgist, assistant needed in chemical laboratory, oil field chemist.

Trade jobs - mechanic, electrician, plumber, welder, and pipe filter.

Other jobs - crane operator, camp boss, deck officer, helicopter pilot, fork lift driver, shift supervisor and land man.

There are many jobs available for all the posts. All the posts are available in the internet, interested people can apply to the respective websites and then they can send their resumes. Once the resume is selected then the candidate is called for personal interview and if the personal interview ends well then the job is granted to the candidate with a joining letter in hand. All the procedure illustrated is for normal jobs and for higher posts candidates are required to pass a written exam and then are qualified for the personal interview. Fresher can also apply for the post in selected jobs only. Over hundreds of candidate gets selected every year.

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orji victoria ugoma said:

medical laboratory scientist need a job in oil and gas industry.



Faisal said:

2001 – 2009 Schlumberger Overseas Oilfield Services (SLB) – Tripoli Maintenance Engineer ,Lab supervisor ( Mechanical ,hydraulic and electronic mud logging equipments ) . Main responsibility is to provide high quality support to the wireline operations group by keeping equipments in top shape at the minimum maintenance cost. Please contact me for any oil rig openings at

Omuoha Godwin Chizoba said:

I am a proffesional operator in payoader/forklift driver i need a job in oil and gas industry how can i apply.

Omuoha Godwin Chizoba said:

Email; 07026479643

Cameron Chadwick said:

4 years experience on drilling platforms in north sea, Currently a derrickman but willing to take demotion for work in Nigeria. Experience working with kelly and top drive system. contact email

onuoha godwin c said:

Iam a forklift driver and i can also operate payloader, i dont know why i find it diffecut to enter oil and gas company, one reason is that no email address to drop the cv,pleasemy mail; is, (08164859595)

barrette said:

Good day to you, I am Mr Barrette Wilfred, i work in a private Information company 3it Information technology centre in Warrri, I am an Independent worker and i want to use this as a means of contacting all those who are seeking for Jobs in Oil companies within the federation, i currently work for 3it as an employemnt agent to most Oil company in Nigeria, and i want to urge the General public to please read carefully before taking any Actions on this email. I take on Jobs application submission to Oil companies which i represent being a representative to AGIP, CHEVRON, SHELL, NNPC, NDDC. I am also an Independent worker and i do not work with tribalism or relationship. I want to let you know that NNPC, AGIP AND CHEVRON are currently recruiting and I am submitting applications for Job seekers at the cost of 1000 One thousand Nigeria Naira, please note that this is not for any personal gain as i am being paid by the companies which i represent. this 1000 one thousand nigerian naira is for your file processing, logistics and Application submission expenses, i am in no way admitting that it is a must paid fee, but for your application to be processed and submitted by me you have to make the Payment along side your completed application form of which i will send to you when i get your email of interest. SERIOUS NOTE: Please as a Job seeker, do not think that Oil companies accept Jobs Application via Online means even though they created an Online Application Portal, we submit your Application Handy to the Employment Office Physicall and personally and not through online, so your application must be read and attended to. You can get back to me with the below contact information E-MAIL: PHONE: 08038189578

Serg said:

I am very interested in a job on oil platforms now as the welder (MMA). I am welder with 18 years experience and I am sure, my skills will be useful to the employer (can weld in any position). During my working activity I made next kinds of welding works: - repair of industrial equipment; - assembling of large building and industrial constructions; - welding of pipelines of high pressure (look please the site: I can to send my CV and the reference. E-mail: or

Obisike Uchechukwu said:

I am Obisike uchechukiwu by name, a medical Laboratory scientist with a 1st class in medical Laboratory science, I have experience in routing Medical laboratory work and would also love to work on research bases in clinical laboratory science, how can i apply? 08063885353

adimu benson bombino said:

im interested for a job as an emt do i apply? Email: Phone no. 07060814796.

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