Rig Training Safety Co-ordinator

Also known as an RTSC, a rig training and safety co-ordinators are responsible for the education and training of personnel in the oil industry, particulalry in hazardous work environments such as an oil rig. Their primary goal is to make sure the work place is free from accidents and harmful incidents. Rif training co-ordinators act as mentors and coaches to supervise and monitor personnel at all times. The job is always in demand due to the strict nature of the industry.

Rig training and safety co-ordinators do inspections on equipment aboard all oil rigs from hoses to tools to drilling equipment. These inspections are conducted at regular intervals on a weekly and monthly basis. They make sure that all personnel wear the required protective gear at all times and assign and address fire watches during all sifts. RTSC's responsibilities even include medical inspections to make sure workers remain healthy and are in top shape. Work load aboard an oil rig can be physically demanding and the risk of injury is greater is precautions are not taken. Accurate records must be maintained of all inspections and investigations so adequate computer skills are needed.

Rig safety training co-ordinators need a full understanding of company policies and offshore laws regarding safety. At all times the rig training and safety co-ordinator must follow the QHSE procedures. QHSE stands for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment and is regulated by the federal agency OSHA and other governing maritime bodies. Every country that has an oil industry has its own legislative body that sets out laws and requirements that all drilling rigs must adhere to. It is the responsibility of the rig training and safety co-ordinator to be aware of all local regulations.

A rig safety training co-ordinator is one of the highest salaried jobs in the oil industry. It requires excellent communication skills as they are responsible for the welfare of all employees on a drilling rig. The average salary is around $86,000 a year but they vary depending on company, location, and specific section of the oil industry.

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ICD 10 Transition said:

I am a rig training safety coordinator and I have been doing my job pretty well. Some of my trainees just do not get the idea of what danger is. They just take everything so easy. They need to understand the risk in this.

best paper writing service reviews said:

My self is ring training safety instructor. I never heard it is practiced on oil rigs. I will try to find more information about this article. Thanks for good information.

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