List Of Oil Refineries

In USA alone, about 144 oil refineries exist. They are situated in various states and operated with ultra modern equipment. ExxonMobil refining & Supply Co., the largest refinery in America, has five branches and they are located in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, California and Montana. The two branches in Texas are situated in Baytown and Texas City. These branches produce 1028290 barrels per day while the branch in Louisiana produces 429,500 barrels per day. The Branch in Illinois, Joliet produces 238,600 barrels per day while the branch in California, Torrance produces 149,500 barrels per day. The branch in Montana, Billings produces 60,000 barrels per day.

Be Products North America Inc., which is in Texas produces 455,790 barrels per day. CITGO Petroleum Corp situated in Lake Charles, Louisiana produces 429,500 barrels per day. BP Products North America Inc, Indian whiting, Sunoco Inc (R&M), Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Chevron USA Inc, Mississippi, Pascagoula produces 405,000, 335,000, 330,000 barrels per day respectively.

Deer Park Refining Ltd., WRB Refining LLC, Flint Hills Resources LP, Premcor Refining Group Inc, Motiva Enterprises LLC, Flint Hills Resources LP are next in the list. They produce 329,800, 306,000, 288,468, 287,000, 285,000 and 280,500 respectively.

Other major refineries in USA are Chevron USA Inc, Houston Refining LP, BP West Coast Products LLC, Marathon Petroleum CO LLC, ConocoPhillips Company, Total Petrochemicals Inc, Valero Refining Co, Chalmette Refining LLC, Sunoco Inc, PDV Midwest Refining LLC, Tesoro Refining & Marketing Co., Citogo refining & Chemical Inc., and Shell Oil Products US.

No 55 of the list according to the production is Frontier El Dorado Refining Co. BP-Hysky Refining LLC comes to the next while Tesoro West Coast, Coffeyville Resources RFG & Co., Pasadena Refining Systems Inc, take the next places. Navajo Refining Co., Shell Chemical LP, NCRA, Sinclair Wyoming Refining Co., Tesoro Alaska Petroleum Co, Sinclair Tulsa Refining Co., Lion Oil Co., Wynnewood Refining Co., Alon USA Energy Inc., Alon USA Energy Inc., Calumet Shreveport LLC, Delek Refining LTD., Placid Refining Co. and Shell Chemical are also major refineries in the USA.

The Big West Oil Co produces 29,400 barrels per day and it is the 111th. Nustar Asphalt Refining, Countrymark Cooperative Inc, Kern Oil & Refining Co., Holly Corp Refining and Marketing, Little America Refining Co., Ergon Refining Inc., Western Refining Southwest Inc., Petro Star Inc., San Jacquin Refining Co., Age Refining Inc, Wyoming Refining Inc., come next.

Calument Lubricants Co., Ltd, BP Exploration Aalska Inc., Ventura refining and Transmission LLC, Hunt Southland Refining Co., Silver Eagle Refining, American Refining Group Inc., Greka Energy, Lunday Thagard Co., Cross Oil Refining & Marketing Inc., Somerset Energy Refining LLC, Goodway Refining LLC., Northcut Refining LLC., Tenby Inc, Foreland Refining Corp, and Foreland Refining Corp., which is the last of the list produces 2,000 barrels per day. Many listed companies here have branches in various states too. Those branches are not entered except the first one. This is taken from the USA Official Energy Statistics.

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