Brushed Aluminum Sheets

Metal sheets are used in different ways, depending on the kind of metal in question. The most commonly used metals are stainless steel, aluminum and nickel. In terms of availability, aluminum is the most abundant. In some uses, the sheets are brushed to emphasize on their reflective abilities, and to increase their ornamental appeal. Brushed aluminum sheets quickly adopt a metallic luster because the material itself, in its natural occurrence is shiny.

Brushed aluminum sheets come in different types of finishes, with the finest being the most appealing, and consequently, being the hardest to repair when scratches appear. For the brushing, abrasive fine grit sandpaper is used to give the metal the shiny look. Aluminum is a malleable metal, so when it comes to sanding it, it yields results more quickly than other metals. For brushed aluminum sheets, there is a rule to be followed- and that is the thinner the sheets, the shinier they will appear. There is a preparation process that the sheets have to be put through before they are brushed, so that the results are more distinctive.

Anodized brushed aluminum sheets are the best, since they are more durable, and much more resistant to corrosion and rusting, than raw brushed aluminum sheets. To understand the importance of this, you have to know that brushing aluminum to get the metallic luster means abrading their surface. If a metal is in its raw form, the brushing will reduce the aluminum oxide coating and thus compromise the physical characteristics of the aluminum. Anodized aluminum sheets usually have a thicker coating, which means simple abrasion will not degrade their quality.

Once they are abraded, the brushed aluminum sheets should be covered with a scratch resistant coating that is UV stable, if the sheets are to be used in the outdoors. This is especially important for the finely brushed sheets, which are very prone to scratches. The coating ensures longevity of the sheets, and their reflective characteristics are not inhibited by accidental scratches. Some color can be infused if the request is made, but the color has to be really suitable and precise.

Because of their admirable shiny appearances, brushed aluminum sheets are commonly used as light reflectors. The surface of the sheets has to be even for uniform reflection. When the sheets are used for ornamental purposes, they are given a defined pattern of fine lines which are created by the abrasive sandpaper.

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