Aluminum Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are used to ensure that pipes connected to joints remain connected. Pipe fittings can also be used to secure sinks in bathrooms. Pipes fittings are used in gas and liquid tubing systems. Aluminum pipe fittings have only recently entered the market. Aluminum is being used to replace standard copper and steel pipes. Pipe fittings are generally used in manufacturing, hydraulics and refineries. Aluminum pipe fittings are compatible with tubing materials such as steel, copper, iron and plastic. Pipe fittings generally cover three different materials; these are steel, copper and aluminum. Steel is used due to its resistance to fires and flammable gases. It is used in gas and propane lines. Steel however is an expensive alternative and is now being replaced by aluminum. Aluminum pipe fittings are preferably used due to its low cost, resistant nature and durability. It is far attractive than steel due to its surface finish nature. Aluminum is also ideal for conveying flammable solvents as it cannot spark or light when manipulated.

Aluminum pipe fittings are light weight and can easily be transported. Therefore many new pipe fitters and plumbers always carry aluminum fittings and joints with them for emergencies. Pipe fittings used in refineries must be created out of the highest rated alloys. The reason for this is due to the large amount of solvents and pressure passing through the pipe fittings at any given time. There are varieties of different types of pipe fitting connections that are used to connect pipes. Soldered, compressed and crimped connections can be used to join different metals together. Soldering aluminum pipe fittings requires slipping in these fittings into the end of a tubing section. Once the joint is in there it is heated using a torch. This will melt the pipe and fitting to form one rigid structure. Compression connections utilize a soft metal which squeezes the pipe and fits into the fitting using a compression nut. The drawback to using compression connections is the low life span of the compression nut. Compression nuts must also be tightened over an extended period of time. This is due to the weakening nature of the compression nut.

Aluminum pipe fittings have a series of short term and long term solutions. Therefore it is best to contact a professional before attempting to attach fittings to your household items. Aluminum pipe fittings are accepted with a majority of the connections available on the market.

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