Oil Rig Jobs

The dependency on oil makes the oil industry a wise choice for employment. The entire world depends on the production of oil, so its only obvious that there are many jobs available in the oil production business. The Untied States alone produces over 9 million barrels of crude oil a day, and imports over 14 million barrels from other countries. This adds up to a lot of possible jobs in the oil industry.

Oil is a fossil fuel so its found all over the world. The key is to find it. That's the job of the geologists. Once the oil is found, its up to the oil rigs to pump it so it can be refined turned into fuels or used to produce other products , such as rubber goods.

Many areas of oil are found offshore so oil rigs are used to extract the oil. This requires many different types of jobs, and hard work. Because of the nature of the job, many oil rig people get lots f time off between shifts. Its not un common that they work 2 weeks straight and then get 3 weeks off. This is a lot more time off per year then most jobs.

The oil rig industry has many different jobs. This is because of the large amount of equipment needed to run an oil rig,. To run an oil rig, you need mechanics, engineers, captains, drillers, electricians and so many other skilled labor and college educated employees. They also need people that are not experts in the industry, but basic laborers . Painters, store keepers, and security jobs are also necessary are an oil rig.

An oil rig job requires a diverse group of people because its basically a city on a ship in the water. Because of the nature of the work ( hard labor, and away from family) the oil rigs companies attempt to make the conditions for the crew as enjoyable as possible. Food is usually included, and the accommodations are equal to me of the finest hotels. This is in hopes to keep the crew happy and enjoy their work better

The pay for oil rig workers is higher then most workers on shore, especially if it's broken down per hour. Entry levels exceed $50000 for non technical positions in the US, and over $70000 for skilled technicians.

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Tyler Dunford said:

Im interested for working for your company as a labourer and if you could contact me with more info that would be great, u can contact me by phone or email my phone # is 902 434-5055 and my email is

mohamad kollie said:

i would like to work for your company as a labourer and i live in toronto my cell numer is 416-450-8666 email

Moses I.Waminaje said:

I'm very much interested to work on offshore oil rig as a rougstabout not minding the location pleases,an 29 yrs old Nigerian,this my mobil +2347037675196.please call.

Claude Robitaille said:

I am very interested in being part of your tean as a laborer I have a wife and 4 children to support please send me more info at assurance.claude@

cody ward said:

would like to work 4 u. no exp. in this industry but did a year bulding big poutercoat ovens and spray booths while working at esso on weekends ( my boss owend boath ) i love to work please call 403-9340066.

sean bernier said:

i am a 36 year old man looking for an oppurtunity to work for your company,im very hard working physically fit and reliable,if your interested in hiring me please call me at 403 293 4055.thank you

Scott Christner said:

my name is scott im currntly 21 years old and looking to get my foot in the door of this industry and would love the opportunity to go up north and work on the oil rigs. i live in calgary so thats why im saying up north. i got no experience though but i am a fast learner, respectful, honest, punctual and hard-working. please if you interested call me at (403)- 606- 1135

Chris Gill said:

I am a 22 year old 2nd year pipefitter having trouble finding constant work these days. I have approx. 5 years working in oil and gas, and have worked from fab shops to such sites at CNRL horizon and Suncore. I am not new to working long hard hours as i have work such shifts as 24 on 4 off and 18 on 3 off 12 hr days. I would appreciate it if i was able to send a resume my email is or you can reach me at (403) 823-6219 or (403) 820-2711 Thank you. Chris

pankaj patel said:

i am interested work with your company i have 10+ year experience as welder i live in Toronto my call no-416 856 2140

V.P.SELVAN said:

Iam selvan,Diplama in mechanical Engineering.Iamvery much intrested to work in oilrig.I don"thaveexperiencein oilrig but I prepared to workany work assigned by you like Roastabout,Cleaner, Roughnech,Storeman,etc.Iam havingexperiencein Storekeeperinconstructionindustry.If I havebeen givenanoppurtunityI willdomy dutytothe entiresatisfaction of my superiors.My Email, you

Tommy Haynes said:

I have always wanted to work on an oil rig. I'm 27 years old, I have a wife and kid and a mortgage. Jobs here in my area are scarce. I'm looking for a full time, long term employment. I've worked quite a few hard labor jobs including saw mills and fishing boats. Please if there is an opening somewhere, location doesn't matter. My phone number is 256-702-8955 and my email is

San said:

Hope this helps

San said:

Omar Garcia said:


john said:

live in calgary looking for a rig to work for

Michael Jaeger said:

I am ticketed with CSTS/ first aid level C/ H2S/ WHIMIS I am looking to start a career in the oil and gas industry and I am willing to relocate any where my number is 403 471 6044 or email at



christian peter said:

Am an electrical welding with 8 years special tranings around off coast of west africa with a computer literate;i would like to work for your organisation;enclosed are my telephone and e-mail address 0022561268863

Brent McDonald said:

Im a 29 year old Computer Systems Technician, recently just laid off from my last job in Calgary and moved back to Ontario looking for new work. Im reliable, dependable, trustworthy and a excellent team player. Please contact me for any oil rig openings at

Francis Chirwa said:

I am able bodied and physically sound 30 yr old young man. I would like to get a job in the oil industry, am Malawian. Email me at

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