Entry Level Oil Rig Job

The oil rig jobs are very lucrative and there are plenty of posts available for the job. The oil companies are making a large amount of profit from the oil and gas fields and so they need new, fresh and well trained candidates for the rig job. There are several entry level rig jobs available so that different candidates according to their choice can select their category of rig jobs. Every person is having a unique quality of his/ her own work. So all candidates must know that what they are best at, this can help them in future. There are different entry level rig jobs available and some of them are described below:

Roustabouts: this is the basic level of rig job which is available. Many candidates hate this job because it's the job where candidate might have to clean the deck and make it shine. But the most important aspect of this job is that candidates are at least getting the rig job experience and this will help them in future. Getting an experience of an oil rig job is much more important than thinking about the designation of the job.

Rig welders - this job is about the welding work required in the rig and due to this position only a rig can stay in one piece. It is certainly the most important job on the rig and without a rig welder the rig can't stay fit. The job requirement is not so high but the applicant must have knowledge regarding welding as this is the only thing a welder must know.

Roughnecks - it can also be said that roughneck if the glue which keeps all the rig jobs intact to each other as this job requires to see that all the machines including the driller is accurately fitted or not and other parts on the rig are working properly or not.

Dereckman - this is quite a very interesting and important job position on the rig. While drilling for oil lots of mud also comes out during the drilling process and this can make the rig very much hard to work. Dereckmen helps to get the mud out of the rig by using a pipe which sucks the mud out of rig.

Driller - last but not the least driller is the main person on the rig who drills out the oil and this is the most important job on the rig as the main purpose of a rig is to drill out some oil.

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Atif said:

Hello I am ATIF KHAN from Pakistan. I am interested in your company. I have degree of Masters in PETROLEUM but I have no experience. Kindly consider me I am willing to move location where as per hiring. My email ID and my contact is 092333-2246245 Thank You

Mohammad Yasir said:

Hi this is Yasir...i am intrested to be a part of petroleum company...i have done DAE in (Mechanical) And BE(Petroleum & Gas) Waiting for the Positive Response.. My contact is Phone number: 00923212482703

ken mackeigan said:

just trying to see whats out there hard working and capable let me know if you need someone willing to start at the bottom 9024891443 thanks

Ede Prince said:

I am Ede Prince, an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. Can handle various aspects in this field. Please call me on +23480 35364354

peter said:

hi i wont to start new life career in oil rigs if that job is still open email me please at

ramdoss said:

hai i'm from india i had a diploma in mechanical and one year experience in power plants need a new carrier in you company ,call me

ramdoss said: +91 9003740064

Nenad said:

I am Nenad Jovanovic from Serbia and I am 28 years old. For last 10 years I am working as auto - mechanic. During this job, I have also learned to work as welder and machine fitter. I am team player and I am interested to work on any kind of job on entry level on an Oil Rig. Kindly consider me. My email:

Henry said:

Looking for a new career path , Hi im 30 yeqars old and eager to start work in the oil patch i am anextremely hard worker,dedicated, and reliable, drug and alcohol free. I am single with no kids so i have no obligations other that to work and further develop myself with your company! Contact info 403 809 9281 - email -

elvis kandjeo said:

hallo,my name is elvis kandjeo,am working on the mining vessels as job entail,cleaning of deck area,bridge,spilicing of wire and ropes,doing general maintanance on rigging equipments such as greasing shackles,wire stropes etc.i have alot of passion in cleaning and stcw and huet courses are all valid,am single and no kids and no 30 years of contact details are as and my cell number.+264812531182.roustabout is my ideal position

Jorell said:

hi am jorell i am Interested in oil rig i finish Industrial Technology, Major in Automotive, but I want to apply in oil industry as a Roustabouts, iam a single male pilipino . email

Scott Roberts said:

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Scott Roberts. I am a young 38 years of age. I live in Perth, Scotland. I am currently employed as a driver after being made redundant as a Fisheries Board Water Bailiff which I did for 10 years. My duties included patrolling and policing the North Sea and River Tay catchment area, patrolling sea in 5metre RIB boarding vessels to make sure fishing was legal. I had the powers of caution, charge and arrest. I lost my job due to a decrease in poaching activities. Prior to being a Bailiff I worked for a Perth based Construction Company as a labourer for the bricklayers and joiners which i also enjoyed. I am looking to find work as a Roustabout (or any other position you think would be suitable for me). I have my BOSIET and MIST Certificates and Offshore Medical Certificate and would be ready to start work at short notice. I believe I would be an ideal candidate as I am extremely hard working, reliable, honest, and a good time keeper with good practical hand skills. I am also a good team player with good communication skills and have a great personality. I am really keen to learn new skills and to progress in my career in the offshore industry should the opportunity arise. I thank you very much for taking time to read this and hope you consider me for a position with your company. My contact details are:-(e-mail) (home phone) +44(0)1738451974. (mobile) 07843096520

Derrik Olson said:

Hello, I am Interested in the oil industry. Im from saskatoon, SK. I learn very quickly and have experience in alot of fields. email phone: 3062413520

Ani Bonaventure said:

Hello, my name is Bonaventure, and I am 28yrs old. I have a Bachelors in Electrical/Electronics Engr and an MSc in Petroleum Engr. I am skilled in software dev and have experience in several oil n gas softwares. (Mobile) +2348135185149

Tanyer munro said:

Hello, my name is Tanyer Munro,Im 26 years old,I have a hard work ethic,great team player,and like to follow company safty guide lines.Im looking for an entry level job somewhere in alberta/bc.I have my bc class 5 drivers licenseand a background in construshion.I have a strong back and a pair of steel toes.please contact me at (604)778-885-0072,

kyle said:

email me if you wanna give me a shot

graham foran said:

To whom this may concern Hello my name is Graham Foran. I am a qualified electrician with merit and 6 years experience. I am also compex Ex01,02,03,04 certified. I would like to apply for a position in your company. I have passed my O.P.T.I.O. approved M.I.S.T. and B.O.S.I.E.T. courses. i also have an up to date U.K.O.O.A. approved medical. I am seeking a career and I am willing to fill any available position you may have available. I am available to start as soon as possible. For 5 years I have worked with Ryetech Electrical on large construction sites around Leinster and Ireland. I am very hard working with a great attitude towards work and apply myself 100% to all tasks given to me. During this time I was working on residential, and domestic but primarily industrial units. My responsibilities included the complete first and second fix of all premises,helping to assist in the training of new apprentices, pre and post connection testing, troubleshooting, delegating, ensuring the work was completed on time and to the highest of standards and reporting back progress (changes, problems.....etc) to those in charge. The provision of temporary power to on site machinery such as cranes, lighting, transformers. Maintenance to on site machinery such as generators, motors, fixed tools. After this i have spent the last 2 years self employed carrying out mainly residential work. I am always looking to learn new skills in order to achieve the highest level of knowledge in my chosen field. I am as confident working alone as i am with others as I communicate well with people on all levels. I have a full A,B driving licence and my own transport. I am willing to relocate, and travel for employment where necessary. I am willing to fill any position which may be available. I am hugely enthusiastic and looking forward to becoming part of your team should you decide to employ me. I am confident I can be an asset to your company if given the opportunity. I am young fit and eager to face the challenges which lie ahead. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for a possible position I look forward to hearing from you in the near future Graham Foran +353862040987 +353(0)14560452

Viju M.R said:

Hi, I would like to be a part of oil industry. I have 3+ years of experience as mud-man.

Travis Cozby said:

Hi, im 19 years old. i have sent resume after resume to companies trying to get into the oil and gas industry. i have done construction for two years and have run some heavy equipment. im used to gettin my hands dirty and putting in the hours. if you have an entry level position for grabs id love to have it. you can contact me at 956 369 6177 or thanks..

Manj Hans said:

I am in my late 20's and eager to work in such a great/demanding industry and would love to have the oppurtunity to show what I can do for the company when given the email address is and am willing to work as soon as possible.

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