Oil Platform Jobs

There is a huge demand for oil around the world as every country is trying to cope with energy crisis which is looming large on the horizon. This has given a boost to the oil industry and there is an increase in investments and an effort is being made to find new oil reserves across the world. These reserves are mainly found in the seas and oceans of the world and this has created a lot of vacancies in oil platform jobs. An oil platform is the offshore rig which is set up to excavate the crude oil from underneath the ocean floor.

There are many new projects which are involved in setting up rigs at the new oil sites which are being discovered. Many, oil platform job opportunities are coming up in North America and there is a large project which is starting in the North Sea. The companies who have invested in these projects are looking for personnel who will work on these oil platforms.

Oil platform jobs command a good salary and on an average a new recruit can expect to earn around $3000 monthly. Oil platform jobs are not easy, and they require a good physique and a tough mind set. The worker will be subject to some of the worst weather and storms hitting the oil platform on which he is working. As the platform is in the middle of the ocean he will have to be on the rig for at least 15 to 20 days at a stretch. The shifts are long of up to 12 hours and the recruits are also expected to do overtime. But considering the salary which is being given, oil platform jobs are definitely worth applying.

Oil platform jobs involve working on the rig for 3 weeks at a stretch and then getting a certain period as holiday when you can return to land. This cost of transportation from the rig to land and back is borne by the company for whom you work. Also when you working on the rig, your accommodation and food is free. On top of all this many companies will also provide a good medical insurance for its employees. But one must remember that oil platform jobs are very challenging and are to be taken up only if one feels that they can handle the hard working conditions and isolation. If one is fit for this challenge than oil platform jobs can be very rewarding which will provide financial security.

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Ariel said:

I am looking for crane operator job preferably offshore/platform..I been working for the last 5 years at Maersk Oil qatar, at this time I am available...I am also a certified crane operator with licensed # 22048..Operates seatrax and hydraulic cranes...Looking for a good company with good benefits and also offers long term employment..Kindly consider me as one..My email ad: rusty.santos@yahoo.com..Thank you..

Grzegorz said:

I am looking for job offshore/platform .My email;antoniak65@gmail.com

ERWIN said:

i am looking for electrical platform job and i am available now with more than 10 yrs experience 6 yrs in dry dock of Bahamas and 5 yrs in pnoc Philippines contact me at rwnvasquez@yahoo.com

Warren Clyde said:

Hi I am looking to work on a rig anywhere in the world, I can start anytime GENERAL LABOUR as I have no oil skills yet sandigamble@sympatico.ca

george said:

I am very interested in a job on oil platforms, but i have no experience. my e-mail nodjpb@azet.sk

Kamran Ijaz said:

I am very interested in oil field now i am working in seismic survey compny as surveyor i have exprience 7year also i have little exp of rig man

Maciek said:

i looking for job on oil platform.i'm plater and welder with 16 years experience in shipyards, ships and steel construction. i can start anytime.my e-mail agata_maciek@yahoo.co.uk

Adam said:

Hi. I am offshore and cruise ships experienced cook, over 12 years at sea and over 8 ashore. Baking bread, pastries and cakes is also not a problem. My mail address adamlukomski@wp.pl. Best regards

Bruce said:

currently unemployed and willing to work anywhere doing anything. live in the uk 29 years old

Bruce said:

sorry forgot to add email address, bruceyoung88@hotmail.com

Dejan said:

I am miming engineer with 10 years work expirience hands on in copper mine in Serbia in almost every position.With my expirience and knowlege I am very enteresting for oil platfotms job.My mail adress 3dejan@gmail.com. Best regards.

Naveen said:

HI. am very much intersted in working in oil platform. my mail id is ( naveen8045@rocketmail.com) plz do reply me

Bro said:

Good day! im also looking for an offshore/platform oil rig industry job. I have no experience yet but im very willing and interested on this kind of job. Im 25 years old, hardworking and easy to learn Filipino. E-mail me : (senolos_bkt@yahoo.com). Im hoping for your reply... Thank you.. Godspeed

bobo said:

I am very interested in a job on oil platforms, but i have no experience. my e-mail mitesarov@yahoo.com


i am interested in a job on a ilrig,i do have offshore experience but in the diamant offshore drilling.i have work us a asistance mechanic.i am willing to start at the bottom to prove myself.my email is jacobsdeon69@gmail.com

Ramil said:

Good day! I have work experience in workover and drilling area.i can start anytime.my e-mail-remlf0001gmail,com

Igor said:

Can you halp me to work on oli platform. thnx

Igor said:

me e-mail igonen_pe@yahoo.com

Mahesh said:

I am looking for job in oil field as a chef/cook i have more than 3 years of experience in Hospitality Industry Please inform me it there is a job related to cook/chef My email id is :- yesmahesh4u@yahoo.co.in thanks


I am very interested in a job on oil platforms, but i have no experience.My e-mail risto.ice@gmail.com Im hoping for your reply.thank you

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