Aluminum T Molding

The ease of fabricating metal means it can be forged into any imaginable shape, as long as the right forging equipment is availed. Usually, the more malleable the metal, the easier it is to fabricate it and the more the shapes that can be achieved. Aluminum, being the strong, light and durable metal that it is, is continually used in the making of unique shapes. One application is in the making of aluminum T molding, which is used in different settings, like in construction, and in homes as a flooring accessory.

Aluminum T molding is constructed via extrusion, since the shape is hardly complex. The die used has a characteristic T shape, which the stock bar adopts as it is pushed through it. The final product undergoes pre-finishing and post-finishing touches, based on the specific requests the buyer has made. Other specifications that need to be made before the aluminum T mold is formed include the thickness of the mold, and the length. All the details have to be understood, so that the right product is extruded. Engineers and metalworkers take the requests of the customers and transfer the drawings into workable blueprints, which can then be used to guide the extrusion process.

The aluminum T molding can be customized in different colors, if the metal outlook is undesired. This is important if the molding is going to be used in flooring. For most homeowners, consistency in color means uniformity, and this equals to greater appeal. Different color shades are provided by the company, so that a buyer can find exactly what they desire. Different finishes can be used as well, with anodizing being included in the requests list, as there is the handful that would like to skip this step for financial reasons.

Aluminum T molding is easily installed, and it needs virtually no maintenance. When a purchase is made, the molding comes in predefined lengths. Longer lengths are more difficult to pack, and shipping costs are often higher. If you want a long seamless t mold, you have to shop from a local store, so that you can reduce some of the costs. Make sure your custom needs are addressed when shopping, instead of settling for a profile that has previously been manufactured. It’s always more convenient when you have your product made specifically for you, as it is more likely to fit the job it’s meant for.

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