Petroleum Technology Transfer Council

The petroleum technology transfer council, is an organization that is established to provide for different services to the petroleum community, this council services are open for all and it the organization has decentralized office all over the nation, it should be noted that this council is a non profit organization, which was established by state institutions, oil producers and the department of Energy, its services are not only extended to mentioned organization but also extended to independent petroleum players in the industry. The petroleum technology transfer council has offices that deal in consultancy of petroleum related issues, workshops and other activities are directed to service delivery are normally carried out by this council, facilitators of this workshop are normally volunteers from key institution in the petroleum industries. This workshop are main purpose is to discuss challenges and offering timely solutions for these challenges. The council was established in 1994.

The petroleum technology transfer council is also responsible for networking players in this industry, the main purpose of this network groups is to help key players learn from each other, work as a unit and help each other in areas where a member maybe having difficulties, the council will also communicate any major milestone on technology, this helps in keeping the member abreast on any knowledge that may help them meet their daily business activities informed and at ease. The main aim of the council is to disseminate any information of importance to the petroleum community.

The council has come with guides for professional conduct; this is a guide that spells conduct and ethics to be adhered by all council members. This guide is available for every member, the member is required to read and understand every clause in this important document, this document is very important for every member present. The member will know there rights and be informed what service they are to expect from the council.

Its operation is supported by the law and its existence under the department of Energy, this council has passed as a very important arm of petroleum industry. The council is open to all, that are interested in access any information in the petroleum industry, members will be asked to remit a little membership fee, however the department of Energy is charged in meeting all the budgetary concerned with the running of the council, without this council bridging the petroleum communities, communications between the community would be impossible.

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