Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs

Entry level oil rig jobs are available for the job candidate in good physical health and who must pass a thorough medical examination which includes a spinal X-ray and drug screening test. Eighteen is the minimum age for employment as an entry-level oil rig worker. Formal education is not required for entry level positions. Even those without a high school education can be eligible for an entry level oil rig job.

There are many entry level oil rig jobs available, too. The requirements for an entry level worker are basic: again, first of all, be in good health; be adaptable to working outdoors in all weather conditions; have a good work ethic; have a drivers license; reliable transportation for getting to and from the rig (if necessary); and be able to travel to isolated locations.

These entry level jobs are in the sector of oil production which includes drilling and extracting oil from either underground or underwater reservoirs. Since oil rigs can be onshore or offshore, the entry level job seeker will discover that most entry level positions will usually be onshore. As the entry level employee becomes more experienced, he or she can advance to the offshore rig where pay is higher. The entry level employee will be on the "last rung of the ladder" as far as job level is concerned. He or she will learn the job by hands-on training as part of the rig crew as a Leasehand/ Floorhand, also known as a Roughneck.

The Roughneck is a drill deck worker who loads and unloads trucks and maintaining tools. Another job sometimes available for the applicant is the Roustabout who guides the cranes on deck and assists other crew members. These are only a partial listing of the job duties of both the Roughneck and Roustabout. Other entry level oil rig jobs can include those jobs that are not listed as one of the oil rig crew, such as: welders; medics; painters; even cooks and kitchen help. The one thing in common for all these entry level oil rig jobs is the excellent pay that few entry level employees ever earn: from $30,000 to $70,000. Not bad for a beginner, by any means!

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Ryan Gallagher said:

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Tyron Jefferson said:

Based on my exceptional interpersonal skills, hardworking attitude, and problem solving capabilities, I am confident that I would be a great addition to an oil rig. I am a Mississippi State University Mechanical Engineer graduate, and I would have NO problem driving 5+ hours to work sites or working hands-on under pressure or severe weather conditions in the field. Thanks & Regards, (

khaled taleb said:

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John Gutierrez said:

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Braden Reshel said:

hello, my name is Braden Reshel. I am currently employed at wal-mart and will be turning 18 in March, i am looking for a entry level job on an oil rig doing whatever i need to do. i hope we can get in contact to further the oil rig jobs. my email is thanks for your time

Paul Allen said:

Hello, my name is Paul and I am looking for information on how to get into offshore work. I am currently in the Navy and have about a year left before my enlistment is up. Is there a website that someone could recommend that is not a scam that will give me good info? Or should I just call around to oil companies? I am fine with starting as a helper and working my way up. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Email

Dpanjan Basu said:

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Serg said:

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Edward (Ted) Crump 403-829-0671 said:

I'm interested in a a entry level position in the oil patch, in need of a career change with opertunity for advancement, recently obtained my H2S and first aid to help gain quick employment, willing to get more certifications and willing to travel, and have good mechanical aptitude.I live in central Alberta.

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