Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum is the largest naturally occurring metal in the world. Being put into variety of uses is therefore something that is totally expected. Production of aluminum sheets is not an entirely new concept, considering how heavily it is used in everyday metalworking. A typical aluminum sheet can be diversely used for things such as making of car bodies and tables used in medical settings.

There are many different methods used for making of an aluminum sheet. Usually, the method chosen depends on things such as availability of sheet forming resources, the kind of sheet that needs to be formed, and the kind of aluminum in hand. Generally speaking, some of the methods used in forming sheets include curling, ironing, bending, perforating, punching, metal spinning, rolling and deep drawing. It is important to take note of the fact that some of these methods, though they are classified under sheet forming process, do involve manipulating of a sheet, rather than its actual formation.

Aluminum sheets, like other aluminum products, are built in different grades, depending on the nature of the available raw material. If pure aluminum is available, it can be formed into a sheet. It will retain the properties of aluminum as an element, such as ease in ductility. But it is also fragile, which means it is best used for making of things such as light reflectors. If the aluminum is alloyed, it will be stronger and easier to weld, and highly corrosion resistant. An aluminum sheet made from an alloy can be used in the making of cabinets, tanks, and rotating blades used in big commercial fans. The thickness of an aluminum sheet is decided before the formation process begins, depending on what use the sheet will be put into. Instead of normal calibrations, gauges are the units used, and the higher the gauge number, the thinner the sheet is. The gauge bracket is between 8 and 30.

Heavy duty sheets are used in bigger industries, like in the making of aircraft wings, in the automotive industry, and in the making of machinery. Some sheets can be heat treated to be able to withstand heightened temperatures, while others are built to withstand super cold temperatures, so as to be used in cryogenic freezing. Aluminum can be brushed to provide a luster, and this is especially easy for an aluminum sheet. It can also be painted in any choice of color, should the need ever arise.

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