Marine Grade Aluminum

Nowadays marine grade aluminum is highly popular in newly built boats. In order to understand why this happens we must first understand what “marine grade” means. Although the entire topic is vast and many aspects can be discussed, in a simple definition we can say that marine grade refers to special alloys that are highly resistant to corrosion while also showing high resistance to deformity. If we are to define marine grade aluminum we can say that it is a special alloy that mainly includes aluminum and is highly resistant to corrosion while not deforming easily.

Modern yacht construction will now use marine grade aluminum as the structural fabric choice. This happens due to many reasons. First of all we have the deformity factor. Marine grade aluminum is not going to deform. Also, it does not rust, spark or combust. This makes it a great choice for a boat. If we factor in the fact that it does not absorb water, does not leak and will never delaminate we are in front of a great solution that is light weight and durable.

Yachts that are made out of marine grade aluminum are really strong while also being lightweight. They are non flammable and you will really like the fact that we are faced with a high level of workability ease. Such aluminum is really easy to handle and weld, thus making the material very economical.

The marine grade aluminum that is used today is labeled 5086H116 and it is basically corrosion free. There are special trace metals added to the aluminum base like iron, copper, manganese, magnesium and chromium. This is done in order to make this alloy suitable for various possible applications. When talking about marine use the alloy mentioned above is highly recommended. It is basically made out of pure aluminum with an addition of around 5% magnesium. In marine grade aluminum there are no extra metals included. This alloy will always offer great resistance against salt water and will retain high strength whenever welded.

As you can see, marine grade aluminum is highly important nowadays in boat making. There is a need to focus on the practical aspects of building boats and the alloy is simply perfect. There are many manufacturers that will offer the needed materials and the fact that aluminum is so easy to handle is a great thing for any boat builder. The metal will not need much maintenance and you can be sure that the boat made out of marine grade aluminum will have a much longer life.

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