Properties Of Aluminum

Aluminum is a significant Meta land was considered as precious, with some kings even serving esteemed guests in Aluminum vessels. As the ages passed by and scientists found easier ways to extract Aluminum from its compound; aluminum soon became a more staple, cheap metal which could be used for the various daily necessities. It’s relatively less in weight but strong and relatively resistant to heat, cold, and even electricity; which has made Aluminum an everyday metal for the Twenty-first century. Life without Aluminum is unimaginable today, and we owe a lot to the amazing properties of Aluminium.

Stable aluminium is produced when hydrogen combines with magnesium at very high temperatures, possibly in a supernova or a star. Aluminium is one of the most important metals today, and is indeed a great electric as well as heat conductor. It is one of the few metals that could attain the state of Superconductor which is indeed one of the special properties of aluminium. Aluminum is also one of the few metals that can retain its property of reflection even in fine powder form. This is a unique aspect and is therefore used in most silver paints. Aluminum mirror finish is also the highest reflectance of any metal. One of the other important properties of Aluminium is its ability to resist corrosion. Whenever aluminium is subjected to oxidation, a thin layer of aluminium oxide is formed which prevents further reactions and keeping it secure. This quality is increased especially when it is in alloy form with copper. Aluminium is also one of the most malleable and ductile metals available making it easier for us to use, as well as mold. It is also nonmagnetic and non-sparking and relatively lesser in weight. All these properties of aluminium have made it one of the favorite metals especially in designing automobiles, aircrafts, as well several utensils as well as furniture.

Aluminium as compared to iron is non-rusting and more adaptable. Brushed aluminium also gives it a unique sheen, making aluminum a favorite metal. It is also more cost effective in terms of buying a new one as well as on the daily maintenance. It has only about one third the stiffness of steel, and is therefore easier to cast, drawn, pull, mold etc. aluminium, as compared to the other metals. From aluminum foils we use at home levels to aircraft manufacturing; aluminium is indeed a unique and special metal for this generation.

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