Coal Cost Per Ton

The coal cost per ton is going to be different depending on the country or province or state that the mine or deposit happens to be located in. Other factors that can be put into play here are the specific company that controls the mine, whether the cost is being measured before or after coal purification, and how fast the coal is being mined as well as how big the actual deposit that is being mined is. Taking all of these into account in figuring the coal cost per ton is essential in getting the correct figure. However for a more roundabout guess, the average coal cost per ton is somewhere around seventy five dollars per ton. This sounds like a small amount, but when figuring out how many billions of tons of coal are produced from mines each day, annual expenditures on coal worldwide can sometimes total up to 75 billon dollars a year. This means that about a billion tons of coal are produced from mines each year and suddenly that measly figure of 75 dollars per two thousand pound measurement isn’t looking like such a bad deal anymore. And for stock enthusiasts and investors, now is the time to invest, because the need for coal is only rising higher and higher as the price is rising higher and higher too.

It may seem expensive to invest in the industry now, but if it is going to happen it’s going to need to be something that is done soon in order to maximize profit, before prices get too high per share to invest in it. It looks as though, according to the main sites of many prominent coal companies, stocks are rising for each and every company so if that puts your heart at ease a little bit before investing, I just thought I’d put that out there. The coal cost per ton isn’t going to be falling any time soon. And this seemingly low cost is exactly the reason it is not a good idea to go into business without a thousand men in those mines. You need lots of miners in order to get all the coal you need to meet the steep requirements of two tons for a measly seventy five dollars. You’d need at least 5 tons of coal to sell to provide a miner with a respectable paycheck and they certainly can’t manage to mine out 10,000 pounds of the stuff all on their own.

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