Coal In Michigan

Coal in Michigan has reached crisis levels at this point. For anyone that is not aware, we are slowly but surely killing ourselves with all of the coal that we are using and at the rate that we’re using it. Once all the coal is gone, if we do not find something else to depend on soon then we will be unable to use electricity at all anymore, and coal in Michigan is a perfect example of the downhill spiral we’ve found ourselves in. This is because coal stopped being produced in Michigan in 1949. In fact, coal in Michigan has been imported for nearly the last 60 years and it is costing them so much money it is almost unreal. 1.4 billion dollars of the state’s money was put towards importing coal from other states and other countries just to satisfy their electrical needs. Those billion dollars could have probably been better spent on education or other miscellaneous reforms. Nobody wants to think that electricity is that big of a deal. Because it is so readily available, we take it for granted but it is a strong reality that we may be losing that privilege soon enough and we do not have a back-up plan yet. This is a scary thought, but a very real one and one that we need to take into account and Michigan is the best example of that problem.

Only now are they looking to try to find clean energy and other energy alternatives. Electricity has of course become highly expensive in Michigan ever since this expenditure occurred and at this rate people are paying 8 cents for every kilowatt hour and this can result in electricity bills for the month spanning into the hundreds of dollars. This is simply not acceptable for most people considering their tax money is all being spent on getting them the electricity which it is already too expensive to use. Their only option is to find a clean energy resource or an alternate source of electricity and unfortunately they only started working on this problem after it was well too late. Hopefully they will reach a solution. It is not good for one state in the nation to be in so much peril and the more they import from other states, the less those states have to themselves, and thus, the more expensive electricity will get for those people living in those states. The irresponsibility of Michigan only puts more pressure on the surrounding states and in turn will result in a downward cycle involving everyone in the nation. It is best to pre-empt that now if possible.

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Coal mines are common is some countries. Coal was having a great business in the olden days but the value of coal is decreasing as the invention of many things in the science field. It is better to save this renewable resource for the future.

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