Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Being a middle-intelligent person presumes that you know there are hundreds of kinds of concrete. If you did not know, you already do! Maybe, you have heard of the lightweight concrete, right? Obviously, it is just one of the many types of the material available on the market. But how would you react if you were told that the lightweight concrete could be divided into several more ‘sub-types’. Do you think that is impossible? Of course, not! The autoclaved aerated concrete is exactly a type of lightweight concrete and all advantages which it offers have made it one of the most preferred materials for buildings.

Anyway it would be more interesting to start with a little bit of history about the autoclaved aerated concrete. Although you may already know, it is important to mention that it was invented 90 years ago (in 1920) by one of the most famous Swedish architects- Axel Eriksson. In the beginning, nobody seemed to show interest in the new type of concrete but it was not long until the great number of advantages offered by the product was noticed and acknowledged.

Well we have mentioned the great positives given by the material but none of them has been mentioned yet. You did not think something like would be done, did you? Hopefully not since here come some of the most significant positives given.

We should certainly start with the great insulation value. Although it was invented nearly a century ago, the autoclaved aerated concrete remains one of the best materials for usage when the aim is: increasing the insulation to maximum. And talking about insulation ratings, leaving the fire resistance unmentioned is impossible. The materials’ fire resistance seems to be a characteristic which is being paid more and more attention, especially as the number of fire accidents has increased so dramatically for the last few years. Fortunately, this kind of concrete can offer excellent fire resistance which means that the risk of fire to occur is slimmest exactly in buildings in which this kind of ‘special concrete’ was used. And talking about advantages, we should certainly mention the price. What you may be thinking right now is that the autoclaved cellular concrete (its other name) is expensive but you are being far from the truth. It costs as much as most of the ‘normal’ types of concrete which cannot offer even half of the advantages given by the AAC.

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