Compressive Strength Of Concrete

It is doubtful that many of you know what compressive strength is. No, you should not feel underestimated but it is just quite a difficult term and it is intended mainly for people who work in the area of building and construction. By asking you what a certain term means, most of you are probably thinking about giving a definition. Of course, that is a good way for explaining something in short but what matters much more is working the term out! For example, being able to understand what the compressive strength of concrete actually is.

But let’s start with the definition so that you are assured that it does not always explain a lot. By definition, comprehensive strength is: the strength of the axial forces which a certain material can withstand. Admit it! It does not say much to you. But what you surely have understood is that each material has got its specific compressive strength.

Anyway, what is an object of our attention in this article is the compressive strength of concrete. Of course, that should not be surprising to anybody since concrete is one of the most used artificial materials ever created. And when talking about the fields of building and constructing, there just could not be any other material which could possibly gram the first place.

So you are already probably longing to learn what its strength is, aren’t you? Well, here comes the answer: it is 200 kilograms per square centimeter. Is there anything you would like to say? You did not get it, did you? Well it is normal, especially if you are not occupied in the area of building and architecting. What you should simply understand by that number is the following: 1 square centimeter of concrete can handle 200 kilograms without breaking. It definitely sounds impressive, don’t you think so?

Hopefully, the number gives you at least a brief idea of what the ‘power’ of concrete is. Just think about walls whose surface is like 30 square meters- they definitely can easily withstand several tons!

To sum up, it is exactly the compressive strength of concrete that gives an idea of its strength in general. Of course, the compressive strength gives information about the weight which many other materials can withstand. However, you could be absolutely sure that very few of them show better results than the concrete. No wonder it is still the most preferred material by architects and building workers.

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The ratio does decide how strong concrete is in compression. I can’t remember the number of times my SM lab teacher tried drilling it into me. At the time it didn’t seem like a point I’d remember later, but it’s one of the tenets of construction material quality.

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