Concrete Batching Plant

Many of you have heard and know what a concrete batching plant is. Something more- many people are even working in such companies and could not be more familiar with the work in these plants. Unfortunately, if you are not one of those people, you are not likely to know much about what they do and how they work. But that is very interesting and, who knows, it could turn out to be useful one day. That is why serious attention will be paid to all of the activities which occur in a concrete batching plant.

You do not need to be a genius to come up with the idea that the equipment is the most interesting part about these plants. And that is exactly what you are likely to find more interesting than anything else. The reason is obvious: there are no other factories where such pieces of equipment and machines could be seen. So you may even not have heard of most of them.

In fact the equipment is so important that the concrete batching plants could be divided into several types by the usage of the criterion ‘equipment used’. These types of plants for concrete batching will certainly be mentioned by the end of the article but there is something else which needs to be done: giving some examples of the equipment available in a concrete batching plant. After all, you should know what kind of machines there are, at least their names. So that would be the belt conveyor (one of the most important machine in a plant batching concrete), mixing system, screw conveyors, electrical control systems, and control rooms. The last ones are of great significance since nearly all of the processes and activities within the concrete batching plant are regulated by the people working there.

Hopefully, you have realized the importance of the equipment which is available in the plants batching concrete. As you have probably noticed, it was said that the belt conveyor is of really huge importance and that is why it is a main criterion used for the diversification of three main types of plants: independent plant batching concrete, pneumatic concrete batching plant and a motor batching plant for concrete. Explaining what the specification of each one are is really needless because their names speak volume about the specific characteristics which they have. The names themselves also hint what the differences between the three plants are.

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