Concrete Driveway Repair

It is important to keep moisture from going into the cracks of a driveway and causing damage, which is why concrete driveway repair is necessary and important. Fixing cracks that appear in a driveway will also help to make the aesthetic appeal of its surface better and give any home or business more curb appeal. This does not have to be a huge undertaking and can even be done by you.

Before you start on any concrete driveway repair, examine the area around the driveway and look for the cause of the crack. Heavy objects that usually sit in the driveway, impacts and trees with growing roots are often the cause for them. The most common cause, however, is standing water because it seeps gradually into the concrete and contracts and expands as the temperature fluctuates. Knowing what is causing the damage is half the battle won because now you can not only fix the cracks but prevent any further concrete driveway repair.

Once you have done the examination of the driveway, clean any and all cracks so that the driveway's surface can bond properly with the repair materials with nothing in their way. Use a chisel or screwdriver to break off loose concrete that you might find, but take care that you are not making the crack any larger than it already is. A wired brush can be used to remove any remaining debris after you have cleaned the crack. This can also be done using a shop vacuum, an air compressor, or canned air much like the way in which you would clean a computer keyboard.

Small cracks can be fixed using concrete sealer or a textured caulk. However, for driveways that are specifically concrete, pourable grout is preferred. Hairlines cracks in concrete driveway repair can be taken care of well with these products. If you use grout or concrete sealer, first use a spray bottle to wet the crack a little before you apply it. The caulk should always be applied to a dry surface. Once you have filled the crack, apointing trowel can be used to push whatever product you use right into the crack and remove any air bubbles.

Larger cracks are those that are greater than half an inch apart, you have to undercut the crack so that it is wider under the surface than on top to help the material stay in the crack as the concrete expands and contracts. Grout should be applied in the same way as described previously, but you also need to fill the crack with sand as you do the concrete driveway repair.

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