Concrete Floor Repair

Sometimes older homes need concrete floor repair so that their floors look as good as new again. Restoring floors made of concrete involves repairing the damaged concrete and using different strategies to hide the concrete floor repair, such as staining, stenciling or painting.

Small cracks found on old floors can be fixed by using a special mortar mix that is designed specifically for concrete floor repair and patching the floor with this. Loose debris on the damaged floor needs to be removed first, and then cleaned thoroughly before the patch is applied. A vacuum can be used to remove any residue or dust that remains. A concrete patch mix can be bought from a hardware store. Put the powder into a container and add water until a creamy consistency is achieved. Fill the damaged area with the patch and level it out to match the concrete floor. Allow the area to dry completely.

Cracks and joints are common reasons to require concrete floor repair and they can be fixed with concrete injections, such a epoxy or hydraulic mortar. Once you inject the product into the cracks, it will fill the gaps in the floor and create a strong bond which will serve to protect the concrete from any further damage. Sometimes the holes in the cracks are too small, in which case new holes need to be drilled into them so that the injecting devices can access all of the gaps in the crack. Again, any debris should be removed from inside the cracks before the filling is done.

Floors that have a lot of damage will need more concrete floor repair, because the entire area that is damaged will need to be destroyed first. Once this has happened, the steel bar supports will need to be replaced. Then, the damaged area needs to be cemented with a better concrete grade.

Once concrete has been repaired, the most popular way to cover up the repairs is to use staining. This is done with an acid solution that gets absorbed into the concrete. Any surface connected to the floor should be covered with painter's tape. Another way to cover up the repairs is to paint the concrete floor with paints that are epoxy-based. The paints should be designed specifically for concrete floors. You can also use stencils to make patterns and designs on the floor while painting and these can turn out to be quite beautiful without needing too much expertise. Use the stencils only after you have stained or painted the concrete.

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