Concrete Mix Design

If you are not a construction worked or at least your occupation is not in this area, you are not very likely to know what the concrete mix design serves for. Well, you actually may even not know what it is, right? Fortunately, you have come across this article which will give you some basic information about it so that you have what to say if a topic like that springs up in a conversation.

What we should certainly start with is how the concrete is made. Have you ever heard that there is a recipe containing the ingredients and the steps which need to be taken so that the concrete could be prepared? What you are probably thinking right now is: “Oh, it is super complicated. I will never be able to learn that”. Here is the good news- it is not complicated at all! For example, the materials used are only three- concrete, building sand and water.

And here is where the more complicated part comes. You do not think that the tree materials are just mixed without any proportion, do you? In fact, determining the proportion is one of the most significant tasks which need to be done as it affects directly on the quality and appliance of concrete.

But who is the one that has determined the mix design? Logically, that is the government. According to extensive research and experiments, it has found out which the most appropriate proportion is. So it could be claimed that the concrete mix design is pretty much something like a Standard which the constructors and builders need to keep to. It is one of the main statements which protect the people from non-ethic practices. What are these practices? Well, it is pretty simple- many of the constructors and builders want to decrease their expenses to minimum so that they have a better profit. And how do you think the expense ‘cut-down’ is made? Logically, that is by choosing low-quality materials and not keeping to the appropriate proportions and ratios. Luckily, the concrete mix design is what makes such an activity absolutely illegal (not only immoral and non-ethic) which results in high-quality buildings and all other constructions in which concrete is used (practically, that is absolutely all of them as there could not be a building or any other construction in which concrete has not been used).

Hopefully, it was pretty interesting to learn all those facts about the concrete mix design. You certainly feel much more knowledgeable about the topic now, don’t you?

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